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Skin Care, Skin Care routine, Skin Care tips

Skin Care:- Today I’m going to show you Skin Care. The methods are 100% Natural. In fact, one of the readers to get all quarry solved about Skin Care.

Skin is made of beautiful skin care. You will notice the quality of your skin separately from cleansing, toning, and moisturizer. Because your skin needs moisturizer, cleansing, and toning as well as your body needs.


Skin Care, Skin Care routine, Skin Care tipsThe more you keep your body clean from the inside, the more your skin will be clean. But only that is not enough. Your skin should be cleaned from the top as it is too much dust, pollution that can spoil your skin. So you do not forget to do cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.


Tip for Skin care

  • Cleaning

Cleansing If you are asleep at night, it is very important to clean even after you have come. If you do not have the time then do one thing for Vaseline, apply it on the whole face.

Skin Care, Skin Care routine, Skin Care tipsIf you do not have time to get the makeup or cold, who will cool down the water then it is best that you put Vaseline and massage it well. After that take a little tissue and face wipes. This will make your entire make-up clean.

Use Coconut Oil, whose skin is dry. The same process is that you take coconut oil and massage the whole face well. This makes your make-up very easy. And if your skin is oily then you will use aloe vera. It has the same process, we have to take a little bit and massage it well on our face.


  • Scrubbing

Scrubbing is very important for our skin. It is necessary to do 2-3 times a week because your skin paints are formed, so scrubbing is necessary for you. This scrubbing is good for both oily and dry skin.

  • Moisturizing

The color of your skin, the quality of your skin, more than half of your face comes from moisturizing. If your skin is not looking good healthy and soft, then any of your make-ups will not look any good at all.

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What happens to skin in the changing temperature and low humidity?

Regardless of your skin type, as mercury dips low, the oil glands in the skin produce fewer oils, thus less natural moisturizing for the skin and this means dehydration and dryness. Indoor heaters zap up the moisture on the skin leading to further dehydration of the skin. This cycle leaves the skin cracked and feeling tighter which you definitely don’t want it to be like that.

The following suggestions will help you chart out the skincare routine to help your skin blossom this winter. A change in skincare routine is unavoidable and it is just one of the many steps that can be taken to make your skin feel comfortable in the winters.

Facewash: Use face washes that hydrate the skin, avoid ones with salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and others if you already suffer from dry skin.

Use a heavy moisturizer and a hydrating serum: Use hydrating serums rich with Vitamin C and Vitamin A along with moisturizers to keep the dewy look intact. Vitamin C hydrating serums help boost the production of collagen and protect it from pollution and Vitamin A helps with its anti-aging properties.

Moisturiser will prevent the skin from drying.  Go for ones containing hyaluronic acid, ceramides, squalene, etc. There are some which also contain anti-aging ingredients like peptides and botanicals, which will give you the added advantage of anti-aging effects.

Use Facial Oils: Facial oils can be a lifesaver when it comes to winter skin care. They help lock in the hydration.  Evening Primrose oil, lavender oil, and coconut oils are excellent choices to prevent the skin from drying. Use coconut oil for removing makeup too. Those who have very acne-prone skin, however, may need to discuss with their skin care expert about which oil would suit them best.


Skin care routine

To get your make-up, you should use the Himalayan cleaning milk product and your optical make-up for coconut oil. Before loading the make-up, you have to completely clean your face.

When you have made your very heavy make-up, you clean and clear the face wash because it cleans all the dust, pollution, make-up from your skin. Anyone who is on your skin removes it very well.

When you have very little make-up on your skin you should use Himalaya Neem Fash Wash This face wash does not form much and it is very good for your skin.

You have to use Before sleeping your moisturizer and moisturizer your skin will be very good. You have to take a small amount of moisturizer and you have to massage it on your face. Do not take too much of your skin, otherwise, your skin will not absorb the remaining product.

Come forward, you can grease lips on the lip. With ghee, your lips begin to become pink. If your lips are dark then using ghee will start reducing your lips again. So every night you have to pay your lip on it, you will find a very amazing difference in your lip.

Skin care…

Should we alternate our cleansers?

Changing our daily skin care routines may inspire fear out of the bravest of us. Doing so, some may think, can lead to acne breakouts or aggravating sensitive parts of our visage. However, Henry gives the green light on this skin care trick. “Our skin changes,” she said. “The weather changes. Our microenvironment changes from day to day. And some days, I have normal to combination skin. Some days I’m dry and some days I’m oily. And I really do have to change my products and my cleanser on a daily or weekly basis based on my skin’s needs.”

Is lemon juice good for our skin?

If you’re one for using all-natural treatments, it may be tempting to integrate lemon or other citrus fruits into your daily skin care routine. That, however, is something that Dr. Henry advises against. “Lemon can be really drying,” she says. “It can actually be quite caustic to the skin. Further, citrus fruits can cause something we call phytophotodermatitis.” Phytophotodermatitis is a type of dermatitis that causes skin inflammation when exposed to the sun.

Skin care