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Over Masterbution Side Effect

Over Masterbution Side Effect: All youths who are addicted to Masturbation, Porn and Semen Loss to aware all parents. All Teachers for their Children.

  • Self Confidence reaches to lowest level . The person is not able to understand.
  • Not able to work Physically & Mentally as before Physical and Mental Fatigue increases.
  • All necessary components of Semen are wasted. Semen turns waterly.
  • Before the addiction the body and Mind were energetic but due to lust and loss of Semen he turns to be discharged like a battery.
  • Psychological Problem like “What to do” Mentality through the person is giving direction and solution but he is habituated to repeat “What to do”.
  • Eyesightness, Face glow, Good words and Personality. All get ruined.
  • Rigidity and tightedness of Body, Hair loss and Bad Health.
  • Bent, Shrieked and Weak Penis.
  • Weakness in Semen Glands leads to Premature Ejaculation on mere sight, through and touch of opposite sex.
  • Erectile Dysfunction cause marital dispute followed by not able to beget children finally it leads to impotency.
  • Semen Ejaculation before and after Urination Foam in Urine and Sour taste in tongue after Urination.
  • Semen Ejaculation due to heavy noice and lifting of small weights.
  • Sleeplessness, Heaviness, in head, Indigestion and Long Constipation.
  • Bone pain, Body pain, Heart Problem, Mental Weakness and Depression.
  • White hair before time, Dizziness and helplessness.
  • This is the most awful because of accumulation of a white layer on tongue which cause bad breath. It happens because of excess loss of Semen and it can’t be overcomed.

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Excess loss of Semen drains out of necessary chemicals which were necessary to run the body function. As a dead body smells very bad, the alive person becomes lifeless from inside which create Bad Breath. There is decrease in white corpuscles which fight with enemy bactetias in our body, finally enemy bacteria increases and causes many internal diseases.

This is the main reason of Bad Breath and the final stage of Bad Breath is bad small in whole body So it is called as ”Loss of Semen is Death” “Preservation of Semen is Life”

Top 10 Tips to Recover from Over Masturbation Habit In Young Boys

Top 10 tips and natural supplements to recover from over masturbation habit and young boys and males.

Addiction to hand practice a serious problem that has severe side effects.

Although hand practices come in practice but it’s over addiction is source of many health problems and sexual dysfunction.

Even after quitting the habit mail needs support from outside to recover fully from its debilitating effects.

Young boys are more prone to become addicted to this unnatural practice.

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At tender age and practice provides them fun and pleasure which is easy and convenient.

In a short duration they become addicted and start performing excessively.

At young age reproductive organs are delicate and weak and extra strain over these organs raises serious disorders.

Boys if unable to recover completely from side effects of excessive masturbation grow up with poor vitality and signs of impotency.

Here is list a few time-tested tips to recover from over masturbation habit and side effects of excessive hand practice.

Starting an exercising schedule works as excellent support to over come masturbation addiction.

Exercise helps in two ways if balances hormonal secretion and utilizes testosterone to recuperate muscles.

It also improves flow of blood towards brain and promotes will power and mental resilience to overcome urge to hand practice.

Exercises are great ways to repair body damage and recover from over masturbation and young boys.

Cut out idle hours from daily routine.

Fill-in your idle hours with something creative and interesting to avoid urge to hand practice.

You can chose activities of your choice painting singing dancing gardening etc whatever keeps you interested and involved is best to fill-in idle hours and suppress urge to hand practice.

This one of the tried and tested tips to recover from over masturbation habit.

Eat healthy diet

Nutritious foods improve energy and suppress stress and release of harmful hormones.

Hormones secreted during stressful conditions make a male weak and prone to suffer to temptation to masturbate.

These hormones also make him weak to enjoy proper lovemaking which further increases his inclination for unnatural practices.

Eating nutritious foods that fulfill nutritional requirements of body is excellent to recover from over masturbation in young boys.

Avoid porn and erotic conversations.

The moments in the day that cause arousal or excitement raise urge to hand practice.

Avoiding unnecessary stimulation are helpful tips to recover from over masturbation and young boys.

Start playing any game and play to win.

If you are not an expert in playing any game become one and play with better players and win.

More you will win better you will feel and less susceptible you are to hand practice.

Playing and winning promote release of hormones that provide you will power and ability to think clearly and rationally. By adding a game or sport in your life you cure illness and also delay aging.

Eat more garlic to repair body damage caused by regular hand practice.

Garlic enhances flow of blood and genital region and speeds up repairing process it also improves metabolism and boosts up immunity.

Raw garlic with meals or his first thing in the morning works as good tips to recover from over masturbation habit.

Drink few 2 to 3 glasses of pomegranate juice regularly for few weeks.

This is source of powerful antioxidants which cure illness and also delay aging.

The positive effects of pomegranate improves reproductive system functions and overall energy to provide faster recovery.

Eat fruits like watermelon papaya, pineapple and bananas more often.

These come loaded with nutrition and minerals that help you stay energized and active and away from harmful habits.

Ginger and honey combination is great to recover from side effects of hand practice.

These are aphrodisiac and vitality enhancing foods regular intake of ginger and honey in combination provides fast recovery from ill-effects of hand practice.

Drink a glass of milk after boiling it with half teaspoon of saffron strands.

Let it simmer and become warm add honey and consume regular saffron milk provides recovery energizes nerves and organs and improves mental sharpness.

It is powerful anti stress remedy that work for boys and promotes optimum physical growth.

In adults it brings sound sleep and improves memory and mental alertness.

Best supplements to recover from Hand Practice Side Effects.

Over Masterbution Side Effect