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Menstrual hygiene, Menstrual, hygiene

Menstrual hygiene:- Today I’m going to show you Menstrual Hygiene. The methods are 100% Natural. In fact, one of the readers to get all quarry solved about Menstrual Hygiene.

In Menstrual we also know the name of menstruation in the monthly edge. The problem of the periodic irregularity of menstruation is a common problem among women. There may be several reasons for delaying periods, coming early, disappearing, or going back. Pregnancy is the first thing in pregnancy that women do not have a pregnancy and they are pregnant.

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How women can maintain Menstrual Hygiene?

  • – It is recommended to change napkins every 4 to 5 hours. So, that irritation, rashes and urinary tract infection do not occur.
  • – Separate underwear for the period or menstrual days.
  • – Wash every time when you use the toilet. Because it is said that the outer skin of the vagina has folds which can cause accumulation of blood and may lead to bad odor. So, it is advised to wash regularly.
  • – It is recommended to discard sanitary napkins properly. So, bacteria and infections do not spread.
  • – One method of sanitation is recommended. Some people use napkins with clothes or with other similar pads. But it should be avoided as it may lead to rashes and infections.

Phases of the Menstrual Cycle

1. Menstrual Phase: In this phase that is Day 1 when the period starts and it lasts 3 to 5 days normally.

2. Follicular phase: A matured egg follicle releases an egg from one of the ovaries. So, the uterus starts preparation for another pregnancy.

3. Ovulatory phase: This is known as the mid-cycle phase. In this phase, ovulation takes place that day 13 to 17. The end of the Follicular phase along with ovulation is the fertilization period.

4. Luteal phase: This is the post-ovulation phase where the fate of the corpus luteum is decided. If fertilization occurs, pregnancy starts. If fertilization does not occur then it is the onset of another cycle.


Menstrual Hygiene Tips

Menstrual hygiene, Menstrual, hygiene

  • Always keep separate underwear for the periods. It is difficult to clean the period from the panties immediately. Especially if you are in the office or outside, so you should have different panties on the day of the period. Take care of this that you only wear it in the days of Periods and wash it with warm water or purification before using it again. And put extra pants in your bag. It is worse to wear scarred pants all day long.


  • We should keep changing our sheet. Leakage is a common thing at night. To avoid dirt and infection, you keep changing your bed. To wash the sheet, use Dettol or any other sanitizer. Apart from this, you have changed your innerwear too. The more girls who sweat more, the more they change their innerwear, the more they feel relaxed.


Menstrual hygiene, Menstrual, hygiene

  • Select the menstrual (hygiene) cup instead of a tampon. Menstrual cups seem more comfortable than women’s tampons. Menstrual cups work to collect blood flow rather than sweating, this means that the leaks are low and you do not have to go to the bathroom after half an hour. Apart from this, the tampon can make you feel dry and live fast, for them this menstrual cup is an additional option.


  • Proper sanitary pads to prevent rashes. If you are using pads, then you take these precautions very carefully. Put your time to place the pad rightly because if it does not look right then the probability of getting rashes increases because when female genitalia is very sensitive. If you do not take it seriously, then you may read the need for medical health.


  • After a workout, ladies did not forget to clean up their Private organ. If you do yoga or any type of exercise during periods, then do not forget to change clothes and do not forget to eat because of the clothes of exercise that must have accumulated bacterial infections.


  • Keep your genital area clean for protection Clean your vagina with warm-hot water. Science says that the vagina itself cleans itself. Therefore, you can not take soap so that you can take the help of feminine hygiene products. To avoid infection in the urinary tract, you take care of one thing that the water goes from the vagina to the anal region and not vice versa. In the days of Period, clean your hands with soap before eating or drinking anything. Before forgetting the sanitary pads or tampons in the dustbin, do not forget to wrap them well. Do not flush them at any time, no matter how fast you are.

Menstrual hygiene