Fruits To Eat During Periods – How To Eat For Your Menstrual Cycle

Fruits To Eat During Periods – How To Eat For Your Menstrual Cycle

Fruits To Eat During Periods: Fruits to eat during periods Cramps, Bloating and Mood Swings are some of the worst things to deal with when on a period try these foods to help relax your body and mind to that time

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4 Fruits To Eat During Periods / How To Eat For Your Menstrual Cycle

  1. Salmon
  2. Bananas
  3. Dark Chocolate
  4. Broccoli
  • Salmon: When on a period muscle contractions in the abdomen are caused by chemicals called prostaglandins salmon containsomega-3 fatty acids which inhibit there lease of these cramp causing chemicals to treat yourself to some salmon sushior royal during your period you could even have good salmon with some vegetables.
  • Bananas: Most women face irregular bowel movements or diarrhea during their period having a banana is a go-to remedy in this case, they are rich in vitamins which affects blood glucose not just that they also help boost your mood.
  • Dark Chocolate: Dark Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food when on a period however consuming it in moderation is key chocolates relieves the few good hormon eserotonin or the love hormone oxytocin which works wonders to all eviate moods wings they also contain magnesium which is depleted from the body during periods.
  • Broccoli: High in fiber broccoli helps reduce bloating in the body thus reducing fatigue it is also rich in calcium magnesium and potassium which helps reduce PMS symptoms. Broccoli can be consumed in a variety of ways how ever avoid adding too much salt to it as salt can lead to water retention in the body.


When you think about dealing with your Menstrual Cycle, some remedies might come to mind. Advil or Motrin, hot bottles of water and patches, taking a warm bath.


You might not think that food has anything to do with managing your cycle unless you’re talking about a giant bowl of chocolate ice cream that always seems to come to mind at a certain time of the month. Yet, as points out, food has a lot to do with your Menstrual Nutrition.

Eating with your mind cycle will help control the hormones, relieve the discomfort of the cramps, manage the temperature, and more. In this episode of “You Versus Food,” I’m going to help you navigate what foods actually support your hormones and your cycle.

Some people call me the cycle path. Here are few science-backed ideas that you may use to alleviate PMS, banish bloat and other phase effects, and increasing your stamina during your process. Let’s start with what to eat when you feel the first symptoms of PMS.


You know, when you’re feeling a little bit more cranky, and you’re starting to get a little more bloated. Eat magnesium-rich foods. Get your magnesium in the last seven to ten days of your life, which is before your time. It will help combat exhaustion, and it will also help to minimize the discomfort involved with cramps.

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Magnesium is naturally found in foods such as spinach, pumpkin seeds and dark chocolate. Yes, eat fiber-rich foods for constipation and bloating.


When you’re cranky and your fave pants fit pretty weird, it’s time to choose high-fiber foods to reduce PMS-related constipation and bloating.


Fiber is equal to intestinal health, which is equal to intestinal regularity, which means, see ya later, bloating. Eat a lot of berries, dark leafy vegetables and whole grains.


Hot tip, if you don’t drink enough water to flush all those fiber-rich foods through your intestines, you may experience even more bloating and cramping. So, keep the system working like a well-oiled engine, and drink the H2O.

Up the Vitamin D , calcium and B6 to improve morale. Vitamin D plays a vital position in sexual health and morale control, which has become a hot-button topic in its connection to PMS. Research has shown that people who have a high vitamin D diet have reduced their risk of developing PMS by 40%, and studies indicate that taking regular doses of vitamin D and calcium supplements that help to reduce mood changes and reduce anxiety and stress.


How To Eat For Your Menstrual Cycle


Foods like cheese peas, yum or bok choy salmon should give you the ideal mix of calcium and vitamin D-light. Don’t forget about vitamin B6. A lot of research has found that vitamin B6 can manage symptoms of PMS.

Vitamin synthesizes more feel-good neurotrans mitts like dopamine and serotonin, to turn the frown upside down. Search for food like bananas, brown rice, and bacon. Make sure you get enough zinc.


It element plays a crucial function in controlling the menstrual cycle and ensuring that all hormones are functioning correctly. In fact, zinc helps to Stimulate Thyroid Hormones that are essential to menstrual cycle regulation.

Fruits To Eat During Periods - How To Eat For Your Menstrual Cycle

In addition , a lack of zinc can disrupt normal ovulation and prevent the release of an egg. Sprinkle your life with zinc by eating more pumpkin seeds, shellfish and legumes.

Let’s move on to the changes that you can make when Auntie Flo officially comes to town. Increase intake of iron and vitamin B12 for fatigue. As blood loss happens as the uterine filler is removed during menstruation, it’s time to turn up the fuel, fast.


If you have a heavy flow, too much iron may escape your body, leave your red blood cells low, and your brain will feel foggy. Eat foods such as cooked spinach, apricots, meats, tofu, lentils and oysters to restore your vibrancy and pizazz.

Happy hour for Oyster, anybody? For more efficient iron absorption, pair plant-based, iron-rich foods with high-vitamin C foods. Vitamin B12 can also dip low due to period-related loss, making you feel exhausted.


Eating foods such as clams, salmon , tuna or fortified soy products will balance vitamin B12 levels. Omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory effects that may help to reduce the pain associated with the natural release of prostaglandins from the uterus.

Prostaglandins are lipids that cause normal inflammation, but the excess can make your cramps feel even worse. Flax seeds, walnuts, salmon or omega-3-enriched eggs will do the trick to help reduce inflammation and to overcome these pesky cramps.


Hold the blood sugar and starch consumption healthy. Eating every 3 to 4 hours can help manage blood sugar levels. This will help avoid cortisol spikes or mood swings that may occur. And, for my Low-Carb or Keto fans, just a warning, that eating low in carbs may increase your cortisol levels, which may cause your hormones to go haywire.

Limit super-stimulating food. It may be beneficial to reduce or even remove caffeine drinks during PMS. Can help rising fear or literariness. Remember, everyone’s bodies are uniquely different through their menstrual cycle, you know, sometimes we just have to go with the flow.

As in something, be your own investigator, and if you notice anything unusual or not right, speak to the Doctor. So, for most of your life, you ‘re stuck with your period. Why don’t you learn a little more about it? I’m going to help you.

Fruits To Eat During Periods