Does Masturbation Affect Periods । Females and Masturbation

Does Masturbation Affect Periods । Females and Masturbation

Does Masturbation Affect Periods: There are lots of new changes that happen to our bodies during puberty. One of the changes that comes with puberty is that your body begins to produce more sex hormones. One of the results is that you may experience more interest and curiosity about sexuality.

Some young people will explore these new feelings by masturbating. Masturbation means touching one’s own body for pleasure, especially the genitals. Masturbation can be a way to relieve stress, or learn about yourself, your body, and your feelings.

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Masturbation is very common. People of all gender scan masturbate. It’s normal if you do it,and it’s normal if you don’t. There are no right or wrong ways to masturbate, but it should always be done in private. No matter what rumors you may have heard, there are no negative physical effects from masturbation.

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Your palms won’t grow hair,your clitoris won’t fall off, you won’t damage your eyesight. It won’t affect your period or your ability to have children in the future. If a person finds that they are masturbating so frequently that it gets in the way of their normal daily routine, they should talk to a trusted adult.

But, generally, masturbation, even a few times a day, does not present a problem, and it is a physically safe way to express sexual feelings.


5 Reasons Girls Should Masturbate After Periods

A masturbate keeps the haters away’ and while I”m not one to advocate taking life advice from Miley Cyrus, I was happy to see a lady celebrity acknowledging masturbation because you know what girls? It’s good for you. Science has yet to determine whether it will though in fact keep the haters away.

Reason number one girls should masturbate: Most of us are already doing it. That’s usually an awful reason to do something but I wanted to acknowledge the statistical truth that a lot of people are unaware of that yeah women masturbate.

According to the 2010 National Survey on Sexual Behavior 84% of women 25-29 had masturbated, had Solo Sex. That fact is rarely reflected in our pop culture or even in or colloquial language of masturbating. Guys jack off. What do women do? Jill off?

More important though than jumping on the masturbation bandwagon which, wow, what a band wagon that must be, is reason number two, which is it improves your magnitude. A study found a strong link between the frequency of masturbation and a woman’s female genital self-image score.

And the more frequently we masturbate and get to know our bodies up close and personal, the more we like our vaginas. If only for an improved magnitude, ladies.Which brings me to reason number three: more orgasms! Statistically two in five women rarely if ever reaches orgasm through vaginal intercourse.

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Masturbation is consistently linked with more frequent and easier orgasms. What do we get in exchange for those glorious orgasms? Reason number four: It can improve your physical health.

Studies have linked masturbation with women’s lowered risk of cervical infections and UTIs, relieving premenstrual cramps, migraines, increasing pelvic floor muscle strength, even alleviating insomnia symptoms, does this thing get any better, can it make me a sandwich?

Masturbation cannot make you a sandwich. Even though there are a few limitations as to what masturbation can do to improve your life,number five is a pretty big bonus. Not only can masturbation improve your physical healthit can also improve your mental health.

Masturbation has been linked not only to higher emotional intelligence, when you masturbate and orgasm it release dopamine and Oxycontin neurotransmitters linked with stress-relief, easing tension, promoting calm. Even though Miley Cyrus might not have been exactly correct in that a masturbate a day.

Will keep the haters away, a masturbate a day will mean that when the haters come a knocking you’ll just be rocking cause you’re like hey, I just, I’ve been masturbating, I’m super chill, uh, what did you guys have to say? Oh y’all are haters.

Does Masturbation Affect Periods