Breast Cancer Causes & Treatments । Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Causes, Treatments, Breast Cancer, Causes,

Breast Cancer Causes & Treatments:- Today I’m going to show you Breast Cancer Causes. The methods are 100% Natural. In fact, one of the readers to get all quarry solved about Breast Cancer Causes.

Cancer can be anywhere in our body and any cell of our body can develop in the cancer cell. Any change in our body can be in the cancer cell. If this change comes in breast tissue and breast cells. If there is abreast of the breast that develops in cancer cells and changes and cancer is there, then we call it breast cancer Causes.

Breast Cancer Causes, Treatments, Breast Cancer, Causes, Breast cancer Causes is the most spreading cancer in women and millions of palaces are victims of this cancer every year, so women are conscious and keep checking their breasts from time to time in their own homes. If there is a slight doubt, then contact the doctor immediately.

Breast cancer Causes are widely seen in women around the world today. It is important for women to know and identify the symptoms of cancer, although women themselves can also identify cancer at home. It is very easy to identify.

How can breast cancer be?

If you have breast cancer in your family then you also get the chance of getting cancer.

Breast Cancer Causes, Treatments, Breast Cancer, Causes,

  • Do not breastfeed
  • Growing up at an early age,
  • Much delay in becoming a mother
  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Do not take sleep
  • To become a mother at a higher age
  • Wear a tight bra

All of these can be caused by breast cancer. Many times poor lifestyle may also cause cancer in women. Therefore supervision is very important.

What are the initial symptoms of breast cancer?

Breast cancer is common among women, but nowadays this disease is also seen in men. Cancer is mostly done in older women, low incidence of cancer in women is very low.

  • Lump in the breast
  • Breaking in the breast
  • Breathing in the breast without pain
  • Exposure of any fluid or blood from the breast nipple
  • Pain or swelling between the breast and arm
  • Changes in the shape of breasts
  • Breast swelling
  • Skin scissors on breasts
  • Turn on the nipple or inward side
  • Itchy in the breasts without itching


Breast Cancer Symptoms…


Having any of these signs does not mean that you have cancer. If any symptoms are found, contact the doctor immediately. Because you can tell the doctor only after examining it correctly.

Most women do not like to talk about breasts. Sometimes even if breast cancer symptoms are found, it is either to tell the doctor or to be ashamed. All those women are requested to bring forth the problem without any hesitation so that you can save yourself from this cancer.

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How to check breast cancer?

Women can also check cancer at home. When you stand in front of the glass, now press your entire breasts slowly with the fingers of your hands. Or bring hands down on the breasts slowly.

And see, there is no lump if there is any lump, you will surely feel, if any lump is felt, then by pressing the lump, it is painful. If you do not have any pain on pressing the lump, then chances of cancer are increased.

So in this way you can check the lump in your breasts and keep checking the breasts regularly. If there is any symptom, do not ignore immediately contact the doctor. Women’s beauty comes from her breasts. So they are in your care.

Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer Treatment is now possible but it depends on what stage of cancer is there. How much cancer is spread, how large is the size of the food? The most common method is cancer surgery in which the breast is removed by the operation.

Breast Cancer Causes, Treatments, Breast Cancer, Causes, One more thing is that some women keep a mobile phone in their bra. Do not do this, radiation is generated from mobile phones which can cause these symptoms.




Treatment options for Breast Cancer include

  1. Surgery
  2. Radiation therapy
  3. Chemotherapy
  4. Hormone therapy

There are several surgical options depending on the severity of cancer.


  • Lumpectomy: Removes the tumor and a small amount of neighboring tissue.


  • Mastectomies: Involves removing the entire breast and its tissues.


  • Sentinel lymph node removal: This is typically performed in addition to lumpectomies and mastectomies here your surgeon will remove the lymph node closest to the tumor and check it for the presence of cancer cells. If this node is clean it may not be necessary to remove more lymph nodes.


  • Prophylactic mastectomy: Is a preventative surgery for high-risk women that removes the entire breast to lower the risk of breast cancer.


  • Radiation therapy: Uses high-energy x-rays or other types of radiation to kill the cancer cells or to keep them from growing.


  • Internal radiation therapy: Can be used to treat cancer from the inside of the body with needles wires or catheters.


  • Chemo Therapy: Is a treatment that uses drugs to stop the growth of cancer cells by either killing them or inhibiting their cell division once the drugs enter the bloodstream they can travel and reach cancer cells throughout the body some types of breast cancers need hormones in order to grow and spread.


  • Hormone Therapy: Works by blocking the cancer cells from receiving the natural hormones that they need tests can show if your breast tumor has these receptors and if it is a good treatment option.