How To Increase Height – Especially for Short Girls & Boys

How To Increase Height

How To Increase Height: Both if you’re a guy and even if you’re a girl. Your teenagers are extremely important in terms of how you’re gonna look for the rest of your life both your physical height and your aesthetics of your body are gonna be decided in your teenage.


First let’s talk about Physical Height exercise to increase height what’s the meaning of growing taller how does the human body actually grow taller. There’s two important factors that are different in your teen age for all the rest of your life and those two different factors affect your Physical Height.


exercises to increase height, How To Increase Height


The first is that exercises to increase height as a teenager you have more human growth hormone secreted especially if you’re a guy you have higher amounts of HGH as well as testosterone that helps in you putting on little more muscle than the average adult and it helps in you growing much taller your growth spurt.


The second very important factor height increase exercise of Epiphyseal Growth Plates don’t get intimidated by the word it basically means that the Tips of your bones have these growth plates and they kind of grow like how you place brick son top of each other so they keep multiplying the cells multiply and that’s how your bones elongate that’s how you grow taller as a human being.


height gain exercise, exercises to increase height, How To Increase Height


The under normal circumstances you’re apt cell growth plates height gain exercise will cause your bones to grow according to your genetics this is where the factor of the relative height in parents comes in a plate so let me explain a 5 foot 6 man is equivalent to a 5-foot woman now if a woman is 5 foot 2 the equivalent height according to her genetics as a guy would be about 5 foot 8 so you gotta figure who’s my taller parent.


If you have a dad who’s 5 foot 8 and mom who’s 5 foot 6 your mom is actually the relatively taller parent you add about 5 to 6 inch to the mother’s height similarly if your dad is 6 foot 5 and your mom is 5 foot 2 obviously your dad is the relatively taller parent.


Now increase height under normal circumstances this is how your height will be determined but the good news is that even if you’re genetically prone to being shorter you still have some kind of a growth range you can change some factors in your life during your teenagers in order to increase your growth even more than the final height of your.


Credit: BeerBiceps


We’ll talk about four very important variables in your life that you can actually change in order to maximize both your height as well as how muscular or how fit you’ll end up being in life.


When I say muscular even for the girls this applies because I don’t mean bulky mask you know I mean fit muscular think Deepika or Priyanka Chopra or Bipasha Basu I’m talking about just at Fitness lifestyle.


4 Step To Increase Height For Girls And Boys

  • Sleep and Rest Factor – As a teenager that not too many people speak about and something that even parents don’t know much about is this Sleep and Rest Factor as a teenager your body is still growing Tolo and you need to maximise on the amount of sleep you’re getting aim to sleep at least 8 to 9 hours every single night and be serious about this number.


Sleep and Rest Factor, height gain exercise, exercises to increase height, How To Increase Height


During your sleep that’s the time that your body’s recovering the most all the damage that happens throughout the day when you’re climbing up a flight of stairs or when you’re walking to your school all that kind of accumulates as damage in your body.


So while you’re sleeping your body releases hormones like HGH which help in the overall recovery of your body but you know what else HGH helps in your overall growth if you want to maximize your height maximize the amount of sleep you’re getting and by talking about sleep it’s not just about the total length of your sleep cycle you need to care about the quality of your sleep as well.


If you’re someone who sleeps late and is only ending up getting about 6- 7 hours of sleep every night that’s not enough and it will affect your height in the long term start focusing on your sleep cycle that’s the best thing that you can do for yourself.


  • Physical Activity: So note down these points for a minute your exercise for height growth your overall fat percentage your musculature how much muscle mass as a human being which is very important the way your nervous system works your immunity even how you end up looking your aging process all that is decided by your physical activity in your teenage and in your 20’s.


Physical Activity, Sleep and Rest Factor, height gain exercise, exercises to increase height, How To Increase Height


The way of bodies built in your teenage it’s meant to be exerted now let me explain something called the overcompensation principle now according to this principle suppose you’re lifting a 5 kg dumbbell for a bunch of sets in the gym.


Now the way a body will repair itself is that it kind of prepared itself in order to lift not just a 5 kg dumbbell in the future but also a 6 kg dumbbell so when you go home when your body is sleeping and you’re recovering during your sleep cycle the next day you’ll get up with stronger muscles your muscles will be strengthened to such an extent that you’ll be able to lift that 5 kg dumbbell that you lifted yesterday as well as probably a 6 kg dumbbell.


Tomorrow your body always over compensates when it’s given some kind of activity to do now if you’re someone who’s played basketball throughout your teenage obviously your body is going to overcompensate think of someone who’s played basketball every single day of teenage eventually his body realizes that so there’s a lot of stretching in this sport.


There’s a lot of jumping and it’ll be beneficial if I make myself taller in order to reach closer to the rim and that’s also the reason why people like Anthony Davis have grown so much taller than their families they’ve broken their own genetic limits and this happens in basketball but it actually applies to every other sport take.


The case of Irfan Pathan and Yusuf Pathan your yusuf is even taller than a pond but they’re clearly much taller than their families genetically limits this happens in any sport if you give your body some kind of physical activity to do.


It’s going to overcompensate think of it any physical activity is basically exhaustion of your muscles, exhaustion of your nervous system, exhaustion of your bones and all those things in the long term will lead to your body overcompensating the more requirement there is for your body to become stronger faster and better at that activity the better your body is going to perform in the long term both physically as well as aesthetically.


Why aesthetically because eventually that physical activity is going to cause an increase to nature and increased nervous system performance and increased bone density and all those factors.


I spoke about and height is also one of those factors that will improve if you include some kind of physical activity in your teenage compare that to what most teenagers are doing today.


They’re either sitting with their iPads or in front of computer screens or in front of TVs and in the long term this is actually affecting your overall height potential so why we’re talking about activity as a teenager there’s one of three ways that this can go down.


3 Ways That’s Actually Growing Your Height As a Teenager


How To Increase Height - Running, Physical Activity, Sleep and Rest Factor, height gain exercise, exercises to increase height, How To Increase Height


First Is that you’re height increase someone who just plays a sport just even something like Running occur topically Catching go call that’s still better than doing nothing that’s still better than sitting at home.


How To Increase Height - Weight Training, How To Increase Height - Running, Physical Activity, Sleep and Rest Factor, height gain exercise, exercises to increase height, How To Increase HeightSecond – If it’s a sport that’s even better and even better option than playing a sport is doing a little bit of Weight Training. Weight Training will not affect your height in the long term in fact actually help you in growing slightly taller in the long term and of course it’s gonna make you look fantastic as a guy and even if you’re a girl you’re not gonna get bulky in fact all those goals you have those toned arms at thigh gap all that is gonna happen to weight training.


Combining Weight Training and Cardio, How To Increase Height - Weight Training, How To Increase Height - Running, Physical Activity, Sleep and Rest Factor, height gain exercise, exercises to increase height, How To Increase Height


Third – Combining Weight Training and Cardio: The third kind of protocol when it comes to activity is combining these two factors combined a little bit of weight training with a little bit of cardio this case is possibly the best in the long term and we see this in American sports specially NFL that’s American football and basketball all those athletes are made to start weight training at the age of 11 or 12 and they all end up growing to 6 feet sometimes even 7 feet like in the case of basketball it’s a very good protocol to follow.


How To Increase Height - Nutrition, Combining Weight Training and Cardio, How To Increase Height - Weight Training, How To Increase Height - Running, Physical Activity, Sleep and Rest Factor, height gain exercise, exercises to increase height, How To Increase Height


  • Nutrition The third factor that we’re talking about is Nutrition few ground rules no ketogenic diets you cannot take up a ketogenic diet if you’re a teenager there isn’t too much long-term research been done about low-carb diets and growth don’t take it up it’s not something I recommend.


Secondly even low-calorie diets try not win too low on their calories value trying to lose weight unless you’re someone who’s very obese I don’t even think that you should be taking up low-calorie diets in the first place.


If you’re someone who is always just focus on the basic changes you can make quit sugar, quit sugary drinks, quit eating junk food, eat home food, and finally do focus on your protein whether you’re a guy or even if you’re a girl you’ve got to get your protein intake right.


This unfortunately is a concept that Indian society as well as our parents as generation hasn’t been exposed to according to them high-protein diets are very harmful and they might harm your kidneys but modernly research tells us that that’s not true that also could be a reason hypothetically speaking that cultures.


In the West or in Africa grow much taller physically than brown cultures because up protein intake in our diets is much lower if you serious about how you look in terms of your muscles in terms of your fat percent and obviously if you’re serious about growing taller you’ve got to focus on getting your protein.


Quick rule eat at least a gram of protein per kg of body weight so whatever meals you’re eating try getting at least 20 to 25 grams of protein in that particular beam and as for carbohydrates there’s a few simple rules you’ve got to follow minimize your sugar intake, minimize your junk food and try focusing on lean carbohydrates anything that’s made at home.

How To Increase Height - roti, brown rice, oats, upma, How To Increase Height - Nutrition, Combining Weight Training and Cardio, How To Increase Height - Weight Training, How To Increase Height - Running, Physical Activity, Sleep and Rest Factor, height gain exercise, exercises to increase height, How To Increase Height


So that’s a roti, brown rice, oats, upma things like that try increasing the intake of those foods in your meals have at least three meals we are having a good healthy portion of carbs one big bowl of rice one serving of rotis just something that will fill you up well that you can eat with your meals do not cut off carbs from your diet while you’re still growing.


  • Psychological Factors Once again not too many people speak about a psychological factors now your teenage can be a very difficult time of your life but I primarily because your hormones are all over the place that’s why they say that he’s hormonal, she’s hormonal you’re very moody as a teenager and it’s not your fault.


It’s also very difficult time in anyone’s life your college PO’s your school PO’s they can be mean sometimes and all these factors can go into affecting your mood the amount of stress you have even in terms of your studies.

How in Indian society our parents put pressure on us to perform in our studies so we end up taking on that pressure and keeping it on our heads and stressing about it factors like stress can affect your long-term height and that’s the bitter truth about it that’s why we got a talk about solutions to this problem especially in India the first tangible solution is something like meditation.


Meditation is one of those exercises that just helps your mind calm down it helps you deal with all these stresses of life and sadness. Educate yourself on basic meditation as a teenager it’s one of the best things that you can do and I promise you that they did change your life forever you know having a video game.


When you level up your life meter increases from 100 to 110 the exact same thing happens with your happiness and life if you were capable of only feeling happy up to 100 points once you start meditating regularly you’re able to perceive even more happiness than normal your happiness meter will go up to 120 points that’s the biggest reason I promote meditation especially with teenagers.


How To Increase Height In 1 Week

How To Increase Height In 1 Week: How to become taller and improve posture in a week, Alice Robin son from England tested several modern techniques and managed to become a half inch or 1.5 CM taller in a week.

Stretching her Spinal column and increasing the inter vertebral disk height by 0.003 to 0.007 inches or 1 to 2 MM correct posture will add another inch to your height also we’ve prepared a few stylish tricks that will make you look taller and slimmer.



8 Easy Ways That Can Help You Increase Height in 1 Week At Home

How To Increase Height In 1 Week At Home: You actually become taller even while you’re asleep 10 minutes of lying on your back can add 0.1 inches or 5 MM of height. This happens due to the shrinking of the spine during the day and returning to shape when you lie down, you can make this last by doing certain exercises but remember that adults whose growth zones have closed those who are older than 25 won’t get any astonishing results.

  • Ride A Bicycle: To become taller by riding a bike adjust to see so that you have to stretch your legs to reach the pedal don’t place a too high though or you can damage your joint you should ride a bicycle for an hour every single day, ideally you need to ride at least 12 to18 miles for 20 to 30 kilometers a day however don’t strain your muscles too much you should increase the distance gradually.


How To Increase Height - Ride A Bicycle


  • Hang On A Bar: This one is a straight forward exercise you don’t need to do chin-ups just hang on to the bar they like this for as long as you can and increase the time gradually. The exercise helps strength is the spinal and abdominal muscles, hanging for 1 to 2 minutes a day is enough for making your arm muscle stronger.


Hang On A Bar, Ride A Bicycle


  • Stand On Your Shoulders: In this stance stretch your legs upward as hard as you can it’s crucial to keep your body at a right angle and not allow your legs to fall abruptly otherwise you may get injured be careful during the exercise and also you can ask someone for howls.


Stand On Your Shoulders, Hang On A Bar, Ride A Bicycle


  • Do The Cobra Exercise: Apart can being good for your spine this exercise can also stretch your back, ABS, the back of your hips and your buttocks here’s how to do it lie on your stomach with your feet together, bend your arms at the elbows and prop yourself up on your hands at a straight angle, breathing in carefully bend at the waist and pull up your torso while holding your head up a bit, Stay in this position for 30 seconds, then lower your body while breathing out.


Do The Cobra Exercise, Stand On Your Shoulders, Hang On A Bar, Ride A Bicycle


  • Do Body Bend: While bending try to keep your legs straight and touch your fingers to your toes start off gently and gradually increase the number and depth of event.


Body Bend, Do The Cobra Exercise, Stand On Your Shoulders, Hang On A Bar, Ride A Bicycle


  • Jump: You can jump rope play basketball or just jump on the spot the exercise helps strengthen the bones and muscles and in time you’ll become a little taller.


Jump, Body Bend, Do The Cobra Exercise, Stand On Your Shoulders, Hang On A Bar, Ride A Bicycle


  • Do The Bridge Exercise: This simple exercise helps strengthen your lower back while pumping your ABS and Buttocks, also performing the bridge exercise activates all the core muscles and works them deeply.


Bridge Exercise, Jump, Body Bend, Do The Cobra Exercise, Stand On Your Shoulders, Hang On A Bar, Ride A Bicycle


  • Swim: Swimming tops the list of exercises that help you get taller, in the water the load on the inter vertebral discs and bones is far less and your joints become more mobile, therefore swimming makes increasing height easier


Swim, Bridge Exercise, Jump, Body Bend, Do The Cobra Exercise, Stand On Your Shoulders, Hang On A Bar, Ride A Bicycle


There Are Two Other Factors That Influence Your Height

  • Diet: To become taller you should consume sufficient amounts of Calcium, Iron, Vitamin D and other elements and vitamins that your body needs to function properly.


Diet, Swim, Bridge Exercise, Jump, Body Bend, Do The Cobra Exercise, Stand On Your Shoulders, Hang On A Bar, Ride A Bicycle


  • Sound Sleep: Keep in mind that you should sleep on a hard surface it is best to pick an appropriate orthopedic mattress and a pillow to match all these will help you grow a bit and keep your posture perfect.


Sound Sleep, Diet, Swim, Bridge Exercise, Jump, Body Bend, Do The Cobra Exercise, Stand On Your Shoulders, Hang On A Bar, Ride A Bicycle


We dance there isn’t a single person who doesn’t want to be stylish but unfortunately not all fashion trends go well with all types of Heights and figures that’s why when some women wear fashionable clothes like they were made for them and others may find themselves literally shortened by those fashion items. Let’s have a look at the following

6 Simple Tricks That Can Help You Increase Height In 1 Week Guaranteed

  1. Pick The Right Shoes And Accessory: The easiest way to become taller is with high heel, the color of your shoes is also of great importance, any neutral colors Footwear will make your legs seem longer black shoes, especially those with high lacing will make your legs look shorter instead, also you shouldn’t wear accessories that pride your image in a horizontal line like the now trendy choker, it makes your neck look thicker and your whole body a little stocky.
  2. Be Careful With Striped Print: You shouldn’t wear the currently fashionable striped clothes without careful thought, horizontal stripes add volume while the incorrect combination of this print and a knee-length skirt will make you look about an inch shorter and a striped top with a monotone midi skirt on the contrary to lengthen your shape.
  3. Choose Jeans And Bags According To Your Height: If you are of a smaller height and we’re short indeed it will make you look even smaller, combine such jeans with high-heeled shoes and a crop top, high-waist jeans may also help you adjust your height and look taller, vertical line accents will add to the effect for example stripes will lengthen your legs also pay attention to the size of your back, the best choice for petite ladies is a small bag of no more than 10 inches in width a fashionable shopper bag will make your image heavier.
  4. Try Palazzo Pants: Palazzo Pants are a great way to conceal high heels or platform shoes, it will make your legs look much longer, choose calm and simples single tone styles, a shortened top high waist pants is a combination that has been fashionable for many seasons, this trick will maintain your upper and lower body proportions and make your legs look longer, if you’ve chosen a sweater or a blouse you can wear a thin belt or tuck it into the pants.
  5. Don’t Disregard Pencil Skirts: Pencil Skirts should be noted in particular they make you look much slimmer and taller if you don’t have a short top a white shirt or blouse will help you always have one at hand should be tucked inside the skirt this trip will make it look significantly slipper.
  6. Wear Shirtdresses Correctly: Shirt Dress has an interesting design and goes well with almost any kind of figure, however petite girls may find it looks awkward on them as though it was made for a person of greater height, also it can give you some excess volume in the waist, this is easily adjusted so just apply a belt and roll up your sleeve the perfect sleeve length for petite girls is 3/4 also try choosing a single tone short dress.

How To Increase Height

Does Masturbation Affect Periods । Females and Masturbation

Does Masturbation Affect Periods । Females and Masturbation

Does Masturbation Affect Periods: There are lots of new changes that happen to our bodies during puberty. One of the changes that comes with puberty is that your body begins to produce more sex hormones. One of the results is that you may experience more interest and curiosity about sexuality.

Some young people will explore these new feelings by masturbating. Masturbation means touching one’s own body for pleasure, especially the genitals. Masturbation can be a way to relieve stress, or learn about yourself, your body, and your feelings.

Credit: AMAZE Org

Masturbation is very common. People of all gender scan masturbate. It’s normal if you do it,and it’s normal if you don’t. There are no right or wrong ways to masturbate, but it should always be done in private. No matter what rumors you may have heard, there are no negative physical effects from masturbation.

{If You Check: Over Masterbution Side Effect}

Your palms won’t grow hair,your clitoris won’t fall off, you won’t damage your eyesight. It won’t affect your period or your ability to have children in the future. If a person finds that they are masturbating so frequently that it gets in the way of their normal daily routine, they should talk to a trusted adult.

But, generally, masturbation, even a few times a day, does not present a problem, and it is a physically safe way to express sexual feelings.


5 Reasons Girls Should Masturbate After Periods

A masturbate keeps the haters away’ and while I”m not one to advocate taking life advice from Miley Cyrus, I was happy to see a lady celebrity acknowledging masturbation because you know what girls? It’s good for you. Science has yet to determine whether it will though in fact keep the haters away.

Reason number one girls should masturbate: Most of us are already doing it. That’s usually an awful reason to do something but I wanted to acknowledge the statistical truth that a lot of people are unaware of that yeah women masturbate.

According to the 2010 National Survey on Sexual Behavior 84% of women 25-29 had masturbated, had Solo Sex. That fact is rarely reflected in our pop culture or even in or colloquial language of masturbating. Guys jack off. What do women do? Jill off?

More important though than jumping on the masturbation bandwagon which, wow, what a band wagon that must be, is reason number two, which is it improves your magnitude. A study found a strong link between the frequency of masturbation and a woman’s female genital self-image score.

And the more frequently we masturbate and get to know our bodies up close and personal, the more we like our vaginas. If only for an improved magnitude, ladies.Which brings me to reason number three: more orgasms! Statistically two in five women rarely if ever reaches orgasm through vaginal intercourse.

Credit: iHeart Media

Masturbation is consistently linked with more frequent and easier orgasms. What do we get in exchange for those glorious orgasms? Reason number four: It can improve your physical health.

Studies have linked masturbation with women’s lowered risk of cervical infections and UTIs, relieving premenstrual cramps, migraines, increasing pelvic floor muscle strength, even alleviating insomnia symptoms, does this thing get any better, can it make me a sandwich?

Masturbation cannot make you a sandwich. Even though there are a few limitations as to what masturbation can do to improve your life,number five is a pretty big bonus. Not only can masturbation improve your physical healthit can also improve your mental health.

Masturbation has been linked not only to higher emotional intelligence, when you masturbate and orgasm it release dopamine and Oxycontin neurotransmitters linked with stress-relief, easing tension, promoting calm. Even though Miley Cyrus might not have been exactly correct in that a masturbate a day.

Will keep the haters away, a masturbate a day will mean that when the haters come a knocking you’ll just be rocking cause you’re like hey, I just, I’ve been masturbating, I’m super chill, uh, what did you guys have to say? Oh y’all are haters.

Does Masturbation Affect Periods

Over Masterbution Side Effect – Girls Period

Over Masterbution Side Effect

Over Masterbution Side Effect: All youths who are addicted to Masturbation, Porn and Semen Loss to aware all parents. All Teachers for their Children.

  • Self Confidence reaches to lowest level . The person is not able to understand.
  • Not able to work Physically & Mentally as before Physical and Mental Fatigue increases.
  • All necessary components of Semen are wasted. Semen turns waterly.
  • Before the addiction the body and Mind were energetic but due to lust and loss of Semen he turns to be discharged like a battery.
  • Psychological Problem like “What to do” Mentality through the person is giving direction and solution but he is habituated to repeat “What to do”.
  • Eyesightness, Face glow, Good words and Personality. All get ruined.
  • Rigidity and tightedness of Body, Hair loss and Bad Health.
  • Bent, Shrieked and Weak Penis.
  • Weakness in Semen Glands leads to Premature Ejaculation on mere sight, through and touch of opposite sex.
  • Erectile Dysfunction cause marital dispute followed by not able to beget children finally it leads to impotency.
  • Semen Ejaculation before and after Urination Foam in Urine and Sour taste in tongue after Urination.
  • Semen Ejaculation due to heavy noice and lifting of small weights.
  • Sleeplessness, Heaviness, in head, Indigestion and Long Constipation.
  • Bone pain, Body pain, Heart Problem, Mental Weakness and Depression.
  • White hair before time, Dizziness and helplessness.
  • This is the most awful because of accumulation of a white layer on tongue which cause bad breath. It happens because of excess loss of Semen and it can’t be overcomed.

Credit: ManthanHub

Excess loss of Semen drains out of necessary chemicals which were necessary to run the body function. As a dead body smells very bad, the alive person becomes lifeless from inside which create Bad Breath. There is decrease in white corpuscles which fight with enemy bactetias in our body, finally enemy bacteria increases and causes many internal diseases.

This is the main reason of Bad Breath and the final stage of Bad Breath is bad small in whole body So it is called as ”Loss of Semen is Death” “Preservation of Semen is Life”

Top 10 Tips to Recover from Over Masturbation Habit In Young Boys

Top 10 tips and natural supplements to recover from over masturbation habit and young boys and males.

Addiction to hand practice a serious problem that has severe side effects.

Although hand practices come in practice but it’s over addiction is source of many health problems and sexual dysfunction.

Even after quitting the habit mail needs support from outside to recover fully from its debilitating effects.

Young boys are more prone to become addicted to this unnatural practice.

Credit: Let’s Get Healthy

At tender age and practice provides them fun and pleasure which is easy and convenient.

In a short duration they become addicted and start performing excessively.

At young age reproductive organs are delicate and weak and extra strain over these organs raises serious disorders.

Boys if unable to recover completely from side effects of excessive masturbation grow up with poor vitality and signs of impotency.

Here is list a few time-tested tips to recover from over masturbation habit and side effects of excessive hand practice.

Starting an exercising schedule works as excellent support to over come masturbation addiction.

Exercise helps in two ways if balances hormonal secretion and utilizes testosterone to recuperate muscles.

It also improves flow of blood towards brain and promotes will power and mental resilience to overcome urge to hand practice.

Exercises are great ways to repair body damage and recover from over masturbation and young boys.

Cut out idle hours from daily routine.

Fill-in your idle hours with something creative and interesting to avoid urge to hand practice.

You can chose activities of your choice painting singing dancing gardening etc whatever keeps you interested and involved is best to fill-in idle hours and suppress urge to hand practice.

This one of the tried and tested tips to recover from over masturbation habit.

Eat healthy diet

Nutritious foods improve energy and suppress stress and release of harmful hormones.

Hormones secreted during stressful conditions make a male weak and prone to suffer to temptation to masturbate.

These hormones also make him weak to enjoy proper lovemaking which further increases his inclination for unnatural practices.

Eating nutritious foods that fulfill nutritional requirements of body is excellent to recover from over masturbation in young boys.

Avoid porn and erotic conversations.

The moments in the day that cause arousal or excitement raise urge to hand practice.

Avoiding unnecessary stimulation are helpful tips to recover from over masturbation and young boys.

Start playing any game and play to win.

If you are not an expert in playing any game become one and play with better players and win.

More you will win better you will feel and less susceptible you are to hand practice.

Playing and winning promote release of hormones that provide you will power and ability to think clearly and rationally. By adding a game or sport in your life you cure illness and also delay aging.

Eat more garlic to repair body damage caused by regular hand practice.

Garlic enhances flow of blood and genital region and speeds up repairing process it also improves metabolism and boosts up immunity.

Raw garlic with meals or his first thing in the morning works as good tips to recover from over masturbation habit.

Drink few 2 to 3 glasses of pomegranate juice regularly for few weeks.

This is source of powerful antioxidants which cure illness and also delay aging.

The positive effects of pomegranate improves reproductive system functions and overall energy to provide faster recovery.

Eat fruits like watermelon papaya, pineapple and bananas more often.

These come loaded with nutrition and minerals that help you stay energized and active and away from harmful habits.

Ginger and honey combination is great to recover from side effects of hand practice.

These are aphrodisiac and vitality enhancing foods regular intake of ginger and honey in combination provides fast recovery from ill-effects of hand practice.

Drink a glass of milk after boiling it with half teaspoon of saffron strands.

Let it simmer and become warm add honey and consume regular saffron milk provides recovery energizes nerves and organs and improves mental sharpness.

It is powerful anti stress remedy that work for boys and promotes optimum physical growth.

In adults it brings sound sleep and improves memory and mental alertness.

Best supplements to recover from Hand Practice Side Effects.

Over Masterbution Side Effect

How to remove dark circles

How to remove dark circles, dark circle, serum

How to remove dark circles:- Today I’m going to show you how to remove dark circles. The methods are 100% Natural. In fact, one of the readers to get all quarry solved about how to remove dark circles.

You must first change your diet and take a balanced diet. If you eat junk food, you have to leave it well, so that you get enough nutrients. There is no shortage of vitamins and minerals in your body. (serum)

How to remove dark circles, dark circle, serumThe second most important measure is that if you have any kind of stress then you must do a little bit of meditation so that you can overcome your stress. Together it is very important that you should take 8-10 hours of sleep. Due to the low sleep, the dark circles surround the eyes.

And due to the lack of oxygen near the skin around the eyes, the skin of the eyes becomes thin, due to which the wrinkle can fall. So you must take at least 8-10 hours of sleep.


Tips for how to remove dark circles?

You have to take almond oil, it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Which is also very good for the skin around our eyes. Almond oil has many properties that are good for our skin.

Ingredient for how to remove dark circles

  • Almond oil
  • Aloe vera gel

You made this serum and stored it in an airtight container. This serum will last for at least 30 days. And you have to take care of this serum that you have to put on the dark circles of your eyes before sleeping on the night and circular motions have to massage the skin around the eyes with light hands.

Massaging around the eyes of serum from the serum will give plenty of nutrients in the surrounding skin of the eyes and the effect of blood will also be very good. Because of which the nearby skin of the eyes will get very much moisture.

This serum has to give you the whole night and this is what you need to do every night before sleeping. You can do it even in the day if you do that by doing this, you will get very unique results and you will see that the dark circles of your eyes are becoming very light within 3-7 days and your eyes are getting better. Even your wrinkles will start to finish.


Dark circles vs. puffiness

This is not one and the same. If the darker blood vessels appear under the fine skin of the eye rings, then a limited lymphatic system for swollen eyes – tissue fluid is in this case no longer carried away properly. There is also an effective trick from the medicine cabinet: boil down green or black tea, let tea bags get cold and then on the eyes.


How do you create dark circles?

The skin is particularly thin and tender under the eyes, there are many small lymphatic glands or veins in this area of ​​the skin. The dark discoloration is due to a lack of fluid and oxygen – oxygen-poor blood is darker and comes through the fine skin then even better to light. This also means: The brighter the skin type, the better the capillaries can be seen. And: there are hardly any fat cells under the eyes that could hide the whole thing.


Prevent dark circles with creams

The bad news right in front: Eye creams can not compensate for a lack of sleep and no unhealthy diet. But they can certainly improve the appearance of the skin. Special eye creams cool the game around the eyes not only and provide a fresher look, but the active ingredients also strengthen the connective tissue and brighten the skin so on. It is, therefore, best to apply eye cream both in the morning and in the evening. These creams are welcome to contain caffeine, as it promotes blood circulation, as well as vitamins A and C.


Dark circles under the eyes – These dark circles are also known in the language of medicines as periorbital dark circles or periorbital hyperpigmentation. It appears in both male and female. There can be many reasons for this.

How to remove dark circles, dark circle, serumSome of which are major allergies, asthma, eczema, and anemia, besides the many medicines like stress, lack of sleep, liver and adrenal gland problems, hormonal changes, adrenaline can also increase the dark circle.

Allergies, asthma, eczema, any condition that you have itching in the eyes, can give you dark circles because in such a condition you open your eyes and the small tube of blood in the eyelids i.e. the capillaries of the arteries and veins It gets dilated and blood is stored there. Because the red color of your skin can not reflect, you see that blood dark blue. The bottom of the eyelids is quite wrinkled. So he looks darker than the other.


Potato juice to enhance skin

Potato juice has lightening, natural bleaching properties that can work wonders for your skin. To remove black spots, you need to mix an equal quantity of lemon juice and potato juice. Now apply this mixture on the black spots and keep it for a few minutes. Try this remedy daily until you achieve the desired result.

Potatoes to clean pores

You can use a mixture of potato juice and baking soda to clean your pores. Mix five tablespoons of potato juice and one tablespoon of baking soda. Later add one cup of water to the mixture. Now wash your face with this mixture.

Potato Face Mask

You can make your face mask with the help of a potato. Soak a towel in potato juice and keep it on your face for at least 15 minutes. Later wash your face regularly. For better results, apply this face pack once or twice a day.


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Get rid of dark circles permanently

Why do I have dark circles under my eyes? This question has been asked by most people at least once in their lifetime. These dark circles are responsible for making a person look old, unhealthy, tired and weak. Dark circles are common in the elderly or in people of non-white ethnic groups. Other reasons may be a genetic condition or even fatigue. Though these marks are not easy to get rid of, it is not impossible either.


While dark circles are often dismissed as a sign of fatigue, there are a number of other contributing factors too. Atopic dermatitis (eczema), contact dermatitis, genes, pigmentation irregularities, and sun exposure are some of the causes of dark circles. But the most common causes are:

Sleep deprivation

Fatigue is a sign that your body has not got enough rest. Lack of sleep allows dark tissue and blood vessels to show up on the skin This can turn skin dull and pale. Sleep deprivation can also lead to fluid build-up underneath the eye, causing puffy eyelids. Dark circles that you see due to sleep deprivation are darker because of the shadow of puffy eyelids.


During an allergic reaction, our body releases histamines (an organic component – a neurotransmitter in the brain), which can cause uncomfortable symptoms in the body like itchiness, redness, and puffy eyes and dark circles. Histamine can also dilate blood vessels. Some allergies can cause an urge to rub and scratch the skin around the eye. This can cause inflammation and swelling, which could lead to dark shadows.


It’s always a good idea to visit a doctor before you start treating your condition on your own. Doctors can advise better about which treatment method would work for you. Each person’s skin is different, and chances are there that some of the home remedies might not work for you. Even if these methods fail to eradicate dark circles completely, they would for sure reduce the appearance of them.

A doctor may advise you about the medical treatment depending on the cause of your dark circle. Here are some of the recommendations your doctor might make.

Skin-lightening cream

Dark circles caused by hyperpigmentation are often treated with skin-lightening cream that contains azelaic acid, Kojic acid, glycolic acid or hydroquinone. They help in bringing back the natural skin color.


In order to decrease the appearance of dark circles, doctors can surgically remove the fat from under your skin below the eyes that causes a darker skin shade.

Laser therapy

In laser therapy, doctors use heat energy to vaporize damaged cells from the skin. Through this, they can target the darker pigment and stimulate collagen formation. Collagen improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, boosts skin hydration, and increases the density of fibroblasts — cells in connective tissue.


Dark Circles: Home Remedies To Lighten

Oil massage
Sweet almond or argan oil are some of the more well-known home products that help reduce dark circles. Sweet almond oil contains biotic compounds that have sclerosant as well as emollient properties. It means that sweet almond oil can reportedly help mitigate the appearance of blood vessels underneath the skin and improves your skin tone.

Being a light in weight and smooth in texture, argon has the properties to get absorbed easily. It contains antioxidants and Vitamin E that help the skin tissues to heal and restore the natural radiance of your skin. It is widely used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. One can also use the easily affordable coconut oil.

Potatoes and tomatoes
Both are a great source of Vitamin C. Also, the starch and enzymes present in potatoes nourish the skin and help reduce the darkness. On the other hand, tomatoes are popularly known for their skin-lightening properties. It is also widely used for its bleaching properties.

Tomatoes are rich in phytochemicals like lycopene that can reportedly help reverse the effects of pigmentation. On a daily basis, it is advisable to drink tomato juice mixed with some lemon juice or mint leaves.

This is the most common home treatment you must have seen everyone with dark circles follow. Cucumber is an excellent source of bioactive compounds and vitamins that help lighten the dark circles.

Put the sliced cucumber in the refrigerator for not more than 30 minutes. Take them out and place them on your dark circles. Keep for 10-15 minutes before washing your face with cold water. You will feel fresh instantly.

The content provided above is for information purposes. This is no way intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Dark circle…

Tips for how to remove dark circles

  • The sleep of at least 8 hours. People who sleep for at least 8 hours in the night do not have dark circles.
  • Maintaining the right amount of hemoglobin in the body. Hemoglobin carries oxygen in the body. If there is a sufficient amount of hemoglobin in the blood then the dark circle will not normally appear. Checking hemoglobin at least once a year can save you from many other diseases. You can also increase the fullness of oxygen by doubling your daily dip. Exhalation also provides relief in getting tired.
  • In perioperative hyperpigmentation, you can make such a make-up of the rest of the skin.
  • Maintain the amount of water in the body. People who drink less than they need, they see lots of dark circles and skin complexes. That is why it is very important for almost all the problems of skin that you are drinking water in adequate quantity.
  • Use tomato in the food – Tomato and lemon juice is a good solution for dark circles. Applying two tablespoons tomato and half-spoon lemon juice simultaneously for 15 days under the eyes, you will decrease dark circles. You can also use almond oil. Almond oil is rich in vitamin E which works very well in the dark circle.

How to remove dark circles

How to remove pimples

How to remove pimples, pimples,

How to remove pimples:- Today I’m going to show you how to remove pimples. The methods are 100% Natural. In fact, one of the readers to get all quarry solved about how to remove pimples.

Lemon and rose water are very good natural products to remove the grains on the face. Those who reduce this face oil, do the cleaning of the skin and kill the bacteria on the face.

Both of these things are easily available everywhere so everyone can use them. And they do not have to waste a lot of money to use them. Therefore, it is better to buy expensive cream for pimples, use such home remedies. (How to remove pimples)

How to remove pimples, pimples,

How to use lemon and rose water to fix pimples?

All you have to do is to add a spoon of rose water to a spoon of lemon juice. Both of them have to take the equal weight.

It is necessary to put them on your face and leave it for about half an hour. This mixture is very strong in just half an hour.

The effect looks. After half an hour washes your face with cold water. Thus mixer daily of lemon and rose water can be used once in a day, by using it daily, the Pimple will be completely destroyed within 5-7 days. With such a simple and cheap treatment, you can completely clean in a few days.

How to remove pimples, pimples, A fine face pack can be made from gram flour to fix the pimples. For this, you will need two things, one gram flour and one for the other.

Gram Flour and lemon together can cure completely and you can give back your lost beauty. It is very easy to make the face pack of gram flour and lemon, it becomes ready in two minutes and gives a very good result.


  • Wash your face once a day, and only use oil-free, noncomedogenic products on your face.
  • Follow each cleansing session with an oil-free, noncomedogenic moisturizer with SPF in it. If you’re on a topical antibiotic such as clindamycin, then apply this first before using your moisturizer.
  • Wear sunscreen daily, especially when using retinoids.
  • Choose oil-free, noncomedogenic makeup.
  • Apply spot treatment as necessary.


  • Scrub your skin when washing it.
  • Skip out on moisturizer. Doing so can dry out your face and cause your oil glands to produce even more sebum.
  • Touch your face. Rubbing your skin can clog pores.
  • Attempt to “dry out” pimples in the sun. This can overdry your skin and also increase your risk for sunburn and skin cancer.
  • Use toothpaste as a spot treatment.
  • Pop your pimples or pick at your skin.
  • Overuse spot treatment or toner. These can dry out your skin.
  • Use alcohol-based products.


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Skin Itching All Over Body At Night Treatment And It’s Causes

  • Lemon

Natively constructed RemediesAdd lemon press and rose water in equal sums and apply this mix to the impacted zone for an hour. Every now and again taking this healing framework for around three to a month is a champion among the most understood regular home answers for Pimples.

  • Groundnut Oil and Lemon

Natively constructed Remedies Lemon juice can similarly be utilized with groundnut oil to stay away from and furthermore fix this mortifying issue. Moreover, lemon juice can equally be added to sandalwood powder, and the usage of the resultant glue can diminish Pimples. A blend of lemon juice and cinnamon drive is moreover profitable in Pimple treatment.

  • Nectar

Handcrafted Remedies Honey is similarly seen as helpful for skin. Applying a mix orchestrated from three tablespoons of nectar and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder medium-term is another excellent typical remedy for this scraping issue.

  • Ground Apple

Handcrafted remedies facial pack containing ground apple and nectar fills in as a fruitful home treatment for Pimples and Acne.

  • Garlic

Handcrafted Remedies Rubbing garlic on the impacted domain a couple of times in multi-day is a champion among the best anyway smelly general home answers for Pimples. For quicker outcomes, garlic should in like manner be taken inside.

  • Tomatoes

Handcrafted remedies regularly applying the pound of prepared tomatoes on the face for an hour or so helps in the convincing treatment of Pimples. Cucumber squash can in like manner be used as a piece of a similar course with similar outcomes.


What is to do with gram flour and lemon?

To make the face pack of gram flour, add one tablespoon of gram flour in a bowl and add two tablespoon lemon juice. Just doing this will make a great face pack for removing.

Put it on your pimples or you put on your entire face and leave it for 20-25 minutes. After 20 minutes, wash the face with cold water. After washing the face, dry the face with a lightweight look.

Those who have pimples should not scrub their skin by scratching them too, otherwise, the pimples may peel, so they have a lot of irritation and fear of spreading more.

How to remove pimples, pimples, The face pack of gram flour and lemon should be set aside for one day. You will see that by using this first time you will start pumping and you can continue it till your pimples are completely cured.

There is a very common skin problem and beauty problem in Pipples Teenage and Young Age. Both of these boys and girls are due to the reason behind this being the excessive oil of the skin or the use of ghee, oil, butter and more lube in the diet or more in the contact of pollution.


How to make Homemade Scar Removal Cream?

  • First, with the help of tweezers, burn two almonds. (If there are more spots, you can take more almonds.)
  • After the almond is wholly roasted, keep it in a small bowl.
  • Now grind this almond and make charcoal (coal) powder.
  • Now add 1/4 teaspoon yogurt to this almond charcoal powder.
  • Mix these two things well and make a thick paste.
  • Your Acne Scar Removal Cream is ready.

How To Use Almond Charcoal Cream For Acne?

  • You can use it whenever you get time (whether in the evening or morning).
  • First of all, wash the face thoroughly with plain water and pat it dry (by patting towels).
  • After drying the face well, apply this almond charcoal cream on the affected area.
  • Leave it on the face for 1-2 hours. If you are in a hurry, you can remove it in 30 minutes.
  • After this, wash the face thoroughly with plain water and dries again with clean towels.
  • This trick will lighten your facial spots. Your marks will be eliminated by using it 3-4 times a week.

Why is almond charcoal and yogurt cream beneficial?

Charcoal increases blood circulation in the skin and removes dead skin cells. Besides, the use of charcoal removes the excess oil present on the face, which eliminates the problem of oily skin. Charcoal expels dirt and dust deposited in face pores. Similarly, the use of yogurt enhances the skin color, moisturizes the skin and removes the problem of acne.


What precautions should be done for a pimple or not repeated?

The reason behind being pimples is due to the fact that one of them is too much oil to get out of the skin so that people are complaining about the pimples. They should not eat more oil, ghee, butter food, fried food like samosa, garbage, etc. for a few days.

How to remove pimples, pimples, One thing always keeps in mind that Pimples never have corrals. Otherwise, the infection spreads to them and then it grows faster rather than decreasing.

Those who get too many pimples should drink plenty of water in the day. At least 8 to 10 glasses of water should be consumed daily, it is cleaned from inside the body and the skin is also cleaned. (How to remove pimples)

We can not even know Those who have problems should wash them with 3 to 4 times hot water in a day, due to which the dirt and all other types of dirt from the face should be cleaned in a while.

How to remove pimples

Polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD) । Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

PCOD, PCOS, disease

PCOD / PCOS:- Today I’m going to show you PCOD. The methods are 100% Natural. In fact, one of the readers to get all quarry solved about PCOD.


What is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome?

PCOS is a condition affecting about 5 – 20% of women who are at reproductive age. The condition is most commonly characterized by infrequent or prolonged menstrual cycle, high blood levels of androgens, and numerous cysts on the ovaries, ultimately leading to infertility. Women with PCOS often develop insulin resistance, which makes them more susceptible to obesity and types 2 diabetes.

How does PCOS develop?

Both genetic and environmental factors are responsible for the pathogenesis of PCOS. Although the exact etiology is unknown, factors that are believed to be associated with PCOS include excessive ovarian secretion of androgens; development of insulin resistance; partial folliculogenesis arrest; and chronic, low-grade secretion of inflammatory mediators from white blood cells.

Various genetic studies reveal that single nucleotide polymorphisms or mutations in as many as 241 candidate genes are associated with different phenotypes of PCOS. Most commonly, genes that encode signaling components related to steroidogenesis, steroid hormone action, gonadotrophin action and regulation, insulin action and secretion, energy metabolism, and chronic inflammation are involved in PCOS pathogenesis.

The severity of the condition depends on the levels of insulin and androgen. Excessive blood insulin level and subsequent insulin resistance ultimately lead to increased secretion of androgen from ovarian theca cells, which in turn causes increased production of free fatty acids from the visceral adipose tissue and disruption of insulin signaling.

Excessive insulin secretion also causes a reduction in the hepatic biosynthesis of sex hormone-binding globulin and insulin-like growth factor-binding protein, leading to further worsening of the condition.


What are the genetic factors associated with PCOS?

Although some studies claim that PCOS has an autosomal dominant inheritance pattern, the exact trait of inheritance is considered to be more complex.

It is generally believed that the cross-talk between various genetic and environmental factors is the basis of disease development.

In recent years, genome-wide association studies have identified some genetic risk factors that are strongly associated with PCOS.


In this busy life, women ate neither at the time nor sleep nor can they keep their health. In today’s age, the situation of women is very busy. Because it is necessary to make a balance in both the house outside. (Disease)

In such cases, there is a lot of stress levels in women and they compromise with their health. Many times, ignoring the body produces many kinds of diseases. One of which is polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD) or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) disease.

Women with this disease are at risk of getting too many diseases. It is now commonplace to have this disease in women and girls. Until a few years ago, this problem was more common in women of the age group of 30-35 years, but now the problem is becoming common in girls going to school.

Let us know that the girls who get the problem of Periods face the polycystic ovary syndrome. If this problem is detected by a young age, then it can be controlled.

In this, the level of male hormone androgens increases in the uterus of the female. And the cyst in the ovary begins to form. It is astonishing that there is no reason to know the reason for this disease.

But doctors believe that this problem is due to hormonal imbalance, obesity or stress in women. Also, it is also related to the fact that the amount of estrogen hormone increases due to excess body fat, resulting in a cyst in the ovary.

Presently, it is being hunted out of every 10 women of productive age. Experts also say that women who spend a very short life are more likely to have polycystic ovary syndrome.


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome also called PCOS is an imbalance of the female sex hormones the ovaries are part of the female reproductive system along with the fallopian tubes uterus and vagina your ovaries contain your lifetime supply of eggs

These eggs are immature and are stored in tiny fluid-filled structures called follicles your pituitary gland located at the base of the brain produces hormones that direct the function of your ovaries each month the pituitary gland secretes follicle-stimulating hormone or FSH and luteinizing hormone or LH into the bloodstream

After these hormones reach the ovaries several hundred immature eggs start to mature expanding the size of the follicles as the eggs mature the follicles secrete estrogen the main female sex hormone once the amount of estrogen in the blood reaches a certain level the pituitary sends a surge of luteinizing hormone to the ovaries causing the most mature follicle to open and release its egg in a process called ovulation

The free egg travels through the fallopian tube where it awaits fertilization eventually the remaining immature follicles and eggs dissolve if the egg is not fertilized the egg and the lining of the uterus are shed during the next menstrual period

If you have polycystic ovary syndrome your pituitary gland may release abnormally high amounts of luteinizing hormone into your bloodstream disrupting your normal menstrual cycle, as a result, your follicles do not mature and ovulation does not happen which can prompt barrenness a portion of the immature follicles don’t break up and stay as liquid-filled sacs or pimples

What’s more, your primary care physician may discover your blood has high levels of insulin a hormone produced by the pancreas too much insulin combined with high levels of the luteinizing hormone can lead to excess production of a male hormone called testosterone

In your ovaries abnormally high levels of testosterone prevent ovulation which can lead to infertility high levels of testosterone also caused many of the physical features associated with polycystic ovary syndromes such as acne and abnormal hair growth having polycystic ovary syndrome




Raises your risk for type 2 diabetes because of excess insulin and insulin resistance heart disease high blood pressure cholesterol abnormalities in the blood and endometrial cancer since there is no cure for polycystic ovary syndrome your doctor may recommend one or more medications to treat your symptoms such as hormonal birth control which while preventing pregnancy also regulates your menstrual cycle

And reduces testosterone production in your ovaries anti-androgen medications which reduce abnormal hair growth and acne diabetes medications such as metformin which lowers your insulin levels and regulates your menstrual cycle and fertility medications which can stimulate ovulation so you can become pregnant

If you want to become pregnant and fertility medications have not succeeded in restoring ovulation your doctor may recommend laparoscopic ovarian drilling during the procedure your surgeon will insert a small needle into the ovary and utilize an electric flow to decimate little territories of ovarian tissue where testosterone is created after some time testosterone generation reduces and ovulation may happen.


PCOD, PCOS, disease

What are the symptoms of PCOD?

  • Menstrual periods do not come in time.
  • Suddenly the weight gain.
  • Grow more hair.
  • Emotional upheaval


PCOD symptoms and treatment

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome:- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is characterized by irregular menstrual cycles by renaming irregular menstrual cycles I mean and it can range anytime anywhere between absent menstrual cycles to prolong menstrual cycles to irregular menstrual cycles  

Anything like that and it is characterized by infertility this is one of the most important cause for female infertility hurting it is characterized by obesity and there is increased facial hair growth and they have the oily skin and they also have a thick velvety patchy dark and kind of skin mostly near the neck




And it is called as acanthosis nigricans in medical terms so what causes this polycystic ovarian syndrome the exact cause is not known but what we can hypothesize is it is an amalgamation of genetic factors and the lifestyle factors there is increased androgens and insulin

Resistance in the body of the women who suffer from polycystic ovaries so what is this insulin resistance until resistance means that the body is not sensitive to the amount of insulin which is being produced in their body so the body is forced produce more insulin to keep the same glucose under check so

What is this androgen, androgens are the male hormones which are there in a normal female also to an extent but in these women, the androgen levels are so much more that they start having increased facial hair growth and oily skin

And all that so what can this polycystic ovarian syndrome cause as I told you it causes infertility because of the increased androgens it prevents egg getting renews every month that affects the menstrual cycles and also causes infertility in this women so what are the long-term health risks of this polycystic ovary syndrome usually,

I told you immediately it causes irregular cycles and infertility but only long-term because it causes irregular menstrual cycle it is one of the most important risk factors for endometrial cancer at a later date and I told you it causes an infinite resistance so it can lead to type 2 diabetes at a later date

And since it also causes obesity with important risk factors for cardiovascular risk diseases at a later date so how do we treat this polycystic ovary syndrome usually the treatment is targeted at the requirement of the women the treatment is usually tailored toward

The need of the women usually are a young female who just wants regularization in the cycle we put them on oral contraceptive pills the oral contraceptive pills keep the harmonics under control it regularizes the cycle also radio sister

And Regent suppose the woman requires to get pregnant then we put her on fertility treatment and most important single most important factor which can improve the polycystic ovary syndrome is weight loss goes in our are making the polycystic ovary syndrome a little better I hope you got at least a bird’s eye view of what the polycystic ovary syndrome.


How to Get Pregnant When You Have PCOS

How to get pregnant when you have PCOS first of all it’s back up and kind of explain what PCOS is PCOS stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome basically what that means is you have multiple little cysts on your ovaries that are causing hormone production

In different levels between your estrogen testosterone progesterone and other hormones that affect your ovulation a lot of times women with the polycystic ovarian syndrome do not have regular cycles they do not ovulate regularly either can other symptoms that they have also included weight gain acne extra hair growth and sometimes insulin resistance all of those things




Kind of increase or I guess I actually say decrease your fertility and increase concerns in regards to getting pregnant PCOS is probably one of the more common reasons for infertility in young women things that you can do to help to improve your fertility with PCOS a lot of times if you do have insulin resistance

We will put women on a medication that’s called metformin that helps to improve how your body is regulating insulin glucose levels within your body and that seems to help to improve fertility other medications that we commonly use for women with the Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a medicine called Clomid

Clomiphene that medicine helps to induce ovulation again with polycystic ovarian syndrome one of the more common things is that you’re not ovulating regularly and if you’re not ovulating then the sperm can’t meet up with the egg in order to make a fetus grow so medications that help to improve fertility

And outcomes for polycystic ovarian syndrome include metformin or Glucophage is another name for it Clomid or clomiphene and then also making sure you’re exercising regularly eating healthy maintaining your weight as much as you can and make sure you have a physician that you’re following with closely to manage all of those things again.


How can PCOD be cured?

Going around in natural places, not only will your stress be overcome but also lose weight, so that menstrual man can arrive at the right time. Exercise is also stress-free with keeping your body healthy.




Spend some time with you alone with nature so that your mind remains calm. Regular exercise, walk walking, jogging, yoga, aerobics, cycling, swimming, and any kind of physical activity. With exercise, you can also meditate. Thereby reducing stress.

Pay attention to your catering. It is important to take good nutritious food by discontinuing junk foods, more sweet, fast food, more telephonic foods, soft drinks. Include omega 3 fatty acids with plenty of food in your diet to eat a diet containing fruits, green vegetables and vitamin B. Such as linseed, fish, walnuts, etc.

You must include nuts, yogurt, fresh fruits or vegetables in your diet. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Avoid eating sweet foods because having diabetes can be the reason for this disease. Do not eat any kind of obesity, such as white flour, pasta, canned food.

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Give attention to your lifestyle

Girls have become very busy with studies or office work nowadays. Thereby increasing their stress level. And they can not even pay attention to their health.

Apart from this, the late-night party of Modern Generation consumes the remaining smoke, alcohol, and other narcotics. This is not good for their health. Apart from the modern generation, women are also consuming it in their kitty party.

To get rid of PCOD or PCOS, changing the lifestyle is very important. Many women ignore this because they do not know about this disease.




For this reason, they can not identify this symptom in their daughters, which may have to face a contaminated pregnancy. If you see such symptoms, consult a doctor. And get treatment for it as soon as possible. The right diet, regular exercise, and lifestyle can be prevented by bringing challenges.

What changes should women make in Daily Life, what food should not be eaten, and what type of diet should be followed?

Whenever it comes to diet, more people think that they will have to stop eating all the food from the disease. There are many ways to avoid and patients will have to adopt a meal. While this is absolutely wrong, because following the diet is not to be hungry or to die, but keeping an eye on your diet and eating the right things by making rules.

In any case, it is very important for us to know which foods that improve the disease, and which of these things can increase the disease. In such a situation, we can get results from a good diet which we are not even getting from medicines.

And with the right habit, adopting the right diet, the effects of medicines also occur with double speed on our body, which can also be cured very easily of the major diseases.


LADIES! Everything you need to know about PCOS / PCOD – Symptoms, Cause, Treatment

Hormonal issues are a major problem amongst young girls especially in Indian metros and it’s about time we talk about these issues openly without feeling any form of embarrassment or any awkwardness these issues need to be spoken about.

Now as a guy I might not have a first-hand account of what it’s like having female issues but what I do know is that I’m a fitness coach and it’s my life’s duty to spread correct education and most specifically correct Fitness education because this is the kind of area or domain where fitness education can really help people and that’s what we can be talking about.

Now before we get to talking about PCOS/PCOD and the fitness aspect of it if you’re a girl who’s suffering from this condition or if you think you’re suffering from this condition the first thing you’ve got to know is that there’s no well-defined cause for this condition.

Nobody knows why this really happens this is a hormonal  issue and it’s completely normal 1 in 5 girls has this issue and there’s nothing wrong with you but your job now is to educate yourself about this condition and educate yourself about the solution that’s what you’ve got to do.

So let’s get into the science of PCOS first now wikipedia defines PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome as a set of symptoms that take place due to elevated androgens or an elevated level of male hormones in a female body.

So it’s something going wrong with your hormones if you’re a female now here’s what happens under normal circumstances this is how your body looks now every woman’s got ovaries and those ovaries produce eggs every month now any internal function that happens inside your body happens because of a change in the hormonal levels so they actually induce the formation of an egg here’s what happens there’s a gland called a Pituitary Gland in your brain.

So the pituitary gland releases a hormone called the Luteinizing hormone or LH into your bloodstream so what happens is every month there’s a surge in LH levels.

There’s a high amount of LH suddenly released and that high amount of LH causes your ovaries to release one egg so that egg will get release and then we’ll go and sit in something called your fallopian tubes which are a part of the female reproductive system that’s not important for you to know now what happens is that if a sperm comes and fertilizes that egg that egg develops into a fetus with the help of this sperm but if the egg is left unfertilized will be excreted by the body in the form of periods along with the lining of the uterus that’s what happens in normal circumstances.

But with someone suffering from PCOS your hormones are all over the place here’s what happens now if a woman’s suffering from PCOS the levels of NH in her bloodstream are constantly high so there’s no chance for a spike in the LH levels and because there is no spike no egg is released from the ovaries.

Now these unusually high levels of LH are sometimes accompanied by high levels of insulin and this is where your hormonal system is completely out of place and because your hormones are all over the place this is also accompanied by the release of androgens or male hormones inside a female body and this is what gives rise to all the symptoms of PCOS.

Now PCOS stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome. Poly means multiple, Cysts are these little bags of fluid that form in your ovaries as a result of this whole hormonal imbalance and ovarian syndrome is something that happens inside your ovaries.

The PCOS has a lot of symptoms which are primarily caused due to this hormonal imbalance.

  • Low Metabolism: The first is a super low metabolism so it becomes difficult to lose weight and it becomes easy to put on weight easily that’s a major symptom
  • Excess Androgen: The second is because of the elevated androgen levels there’s a lot of things that happen to your body there’s a lot of changes.


The first of which is:

  • Irregular Periods: Sometimes those won’t get the periods for months at a stretch sometimes the periods will last for 10 days with a lot of heavy flow.
  • Facial Hair Growth: Sometimes girls will get facial hair a bit of body hair a lot of times girls will get some kind of acne usually on one side of the face which represents the affected ovary a lot of mood swings a lot of weight gain as I spoke about earlier but all these are the immediate short-term effects.

If PCOS isn’t treated early on the long-term effects include infertility which is a major concern in the 21st century and that’s why PCOS is such a big deal and that’s why it needs to be taken care of immediately now as I said earlier there’s no fixed reason for PCOS to affect someone.

It’s usually a genetic disorder so if it runs in your family you might get it at some point but doctors and medical experts believe that usually it results because of a poor lifestyle a lack of exercise and a lack of a good now the cause of PCOS is in your concern here’s what your concern should be now let’s move away from all this hormonal talk and all this science and let’s talk about history human beings are the ultimate predators on this planet.

We are just evolved monkeys with the highest kind of primates on this planet we’ve overtaken bears and lions and wolves and tigers to become the ultimate predators on this planet.

You know we learn about food chains in school human beings are at the top of every single food chain in the world because with the most evolved predator on this planet our bodies are machines and they used to be physical activities like running behind animals or throwing spears or basically hunting that’s what our bodies are built to do.

Our bodies are built to exert themselves and after exerting themselves our bodies are built for the correct kind of food the correct kind of food is the correct fuel that is supposed to put inside your body now for the longest time that’s what was happening.

Human diets were clean and our lifestyles were good but in the last 100 to 200 years our lifestyles have changed the world has become more modern we started using machines and forget the last 100 to 200 years in the last 20 to 30 years a lifestyle change for the worse and that’s why things like PCOS are on the rise in such a horrible way because our lifestyles have been affected badly.

Now what happens is that we have two major enemies in society right now as humans.

The first is sugar and all processed foods now I know where to put sugar a lot but I am gonna keep talking about sugar because it’s that important you know a lot of girls will say things like yeah you know I can give up any kind of food but I can’t give up sugar I can’t give up desserts I need this desserts to be happy all that is in your head.

As I’ve spoken about earlier “Sugar” is an addictive substance that’s ruining your body if you could pick one food that’s the absolute worst for your body its sugar it’s making you gain weight and that weight gain is potentially causing all these other hormonal issues inside your body.

Again there’s no fixed reason for PCOS but it’s all linked to having a dirty diet that’s what doctors agree on if you go to a doctor they’ll be one of two outcomes if you tell them you’ve got PCOS either they’ll tell you to take some kind of medicine which I am against I don’t feel like medicines are the correct way of treating PCOS.

All they tell you to fix your lifestyle they tell you to start exercising and eating clean and if you’re talking about eating clean remember rule number one is that you give up sugar completely if you can give up processed food.

That’s great as well but you just gotta focus on eating clean get your protein intake right get your carbs intake right get a lot of vegetables and fruits inside your system but most of all avoid sugar and avoid anything that comes out of a packet anything that comes out of a factory that’s not meant to be in your system.

Remember PCOS is a condition where your body’s kind of signaling that you know what something’s wrong with this machine you’ve got so you’ve got to change that you’ve got to take that signal and act on it you’re doing something wrong you’re putting wrong fuel inside your body.

And the second thing you’re doing which is the second enemy in society today is that you’re not exerting your body enough remember our bodies are built to climb trees and hunt animals and run super long distances our bodies are used to exerting themselves but in the 21st century.

Especially in Indian society no importance is given to exercise now by exercise. I don’t mean just walking around I mean exerting your body actually pushing your body to that limit way of sweating and you’re feeling your muscles grow in terms of strength and all that really pushing yourself that’s what your body is built to do and in the 21st century that’s what we’re not doing now this lack of active lifestyle and the bad diet as I spoke about earlier are combining and causing all these hormonal imbalances and wrong happenings inside your body that’s what you’ve got to fix as a woman.

So if your goal suffering from PCOS and you’re looking for a solution that’s it it’s about following a clean diet and having an active lifestyle.

When we talk about the exercise side of things I’m not going to go into the details, the one thing you’ve got to know is that you’ve got to exert yourself so whether you’re choosing yoga or Zumba or dance or weight training which is your ultimate form of exercise as a human being.

It’s up to you the only thing you’ve got to make sure is that you exert yourself that’s all so if you want more information on the best kind of exercise for your body.

Finally I talking about two very important things that every single girl suffering from PCOS needs to know the 1st as I said earlier is that this whole condition is not your fault especially if you’re Indian you need to understand that Indian society is lagging behind the rest of the world in terms of fitness education.

There’s a lack of correct fitness ideas and concepts in our society they even the kind of food we eat at home the Ghar Ka Khana is in proper it’s very focused on the carbohydrates and deserts aren’t shunnedas much as they should be we have wrong ideas everywhere so this condition that you’re facing is just are sult of the society that you live in it’s not something that you’ve done wrong the first step is to start educating yourself.

But the 2nd thing you need to understand and this is very crucial you need to understand that anything that’s going wrong with your body isn’t something you should be disheartened by it’s something you should be learning from it’s just a signal from your body.

It’s kind of like a warning sign with your body telling you that you’re doing something wrong so you’ve got to look at this world situation positively that’s what I feel with anything that goes wrong with your body is just a wake-up call and it’s gonna become your biggest teacher.

If you’re able to overcome this challenge that life is throwing at you you’re gonna come out a stronger individual look at it that way and the first step as usual is correctly educating yourself especially in terms of fitness especially in terms of diet it’s 2020.