How to insert a menstrual cup:- Menstrual Cup Funnel Shape, made of medical grade silicone. Keep in mind that there are many types of standard cups in the market, but you take the same which is made of medical grade silicone. Because you are going to apply it to the very sensitive part of your body.

How to insert menstrual cup


So we have to cook it that it matches our medical stand. In this, we insert the active cups during our periods and it is available in different sizes, then it sops the shape that your cervical position is high or flame.

High uterine cervix means the vaginal area is much longer. And the flame cervix means that the vaginal area is short. It is very important to dry and store this menstrual cup. So if you use it again, then there is no any infection or dust in it.

If you have uterine cervix flame and you have very light or normal periods, then you will start to suggest that you order menstrual cups from the best online.

The same is your cervix and you have many heavy periods, then you will start to suggest that you order a large or large size menstrual cup.

How To Insert A Menstrual Cup?


  • Fold and Hold the menstrual cup:- At first, you cleaned your hands. You can fold the Menstrual Cup in it so that it is easy to put this cup into your Vagina. You can C-Fold this cup But if you do not have a combination in this, you can also fold it from another way. Every menstruation is different, you see what is right for you.

How to insert a menstrual cup

  • Insert and ensure the menstrual cup:Firstlyyou should sterilize it in hot water. In your inserted the Menstrual cup in your Vagina. we have to ensure that all these infections are completely free from any kind of dust.

How to insert a menstrual cupIf it is folded, If we have sterilized this, then clean your vaginal area too well. After this, you are sitting in a relaxed seat on relaxed position or sitting in a squat position, so that your legs are lightened open so that when you have the easy to insert a menstrual cup.

There may be a little scary in the start. The first time you will feel very scary. This is so soft in trust and secondly, it is so cleanliness. We take this cup and fold it from the middle and press it from this line. When we fold it from the middle, the point of which it becomes very narrow.

Then you will not be able to insert in your vagina. Fold the menstrual cycle and then insert it into the vagina. It will automatically fit into the lining of the vagina. This will completely seal your vagina. 

After applying it, it is not good to see it lightly by turning it around. It does not need to change it for 12 hours.

  • The Menstrual Cup Use it up to twelve hours:- You can wear this Menstrual cup in 12 hours without any problem. It is your responsibility to determine the nature of your Menstrual cycle. Mostly you should clean the morning and do it in the evening.
  • Remove and Empty the menstrual cup:- Wearing it in a position to wear it. Similarly, you have been 8 hours and 10 hours. If you sit in that position then push down slightly.

How to insert a menstrual cupWhen you put your vaginal area on hand, you will be able to. So it is preliminary to hold it lightly and push it towards the outside. Before removing it, take your hands well.

How to insert a menstrual cupSo you can catch it with the help of your two fingers. And after that, you can take it out lightly. And you can flush the blood in it, in your toilet. 

How to insert a menstrual cup

  • Re-insert the menstrual cup:- And then you can insert it again in the same day. There is absolutely no danger of staining.

How to insert a menstrual cup

Advantages of Menstrual Cup

1) During our Periods, our clothes and bedsheets are a stan. Or the problem of irritation, itching in the virginal area is very common.

2) The very common problem with the term is that the menstrual cycle of the menstrual cycle is fully resolved.

3) The menstrual cup becomes fit to go inside the vagina. So the danger of having any irritation near or outside of the city is completely destroyed.

That’s what you live very physically, that is, if you do more activity like swimming, sports, yoga, you can do it during periods, then when the genealogy clothes are stain, then the menstrual cup gets inserted inside the body. So doing all this physical activity becomes very simple.

4) Sanitary pad you use when you dispose of it, it takes about 500 years to melt it. That is, once we used to sanitary pad and settle it, then it remained in our environment forever and forever in our land and soil.

First of all, if you are the first time or you are a teenager, then I would advise you to wear your supervision of your mother or elder Sister.

That is why teens are already used for the whole process of the period. You perform this in Super Visions only. It is a menstrual cup that is to be worn only in the days of Periods.

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Can you use the Menstrual Cup in the night?

Yes, you can wear a menstrual cup and sleep all night. Because it is not made of any chemical, the medical grade is made of silicon.

There is no such hormonal component that harms your reproductive system. Anyone who has blood in your menstrual cup blood can only sleep by emptying him. Then we can sleep all night and sleep.

Can you go to the toilet during wearing a menstrual cup?

Yes, you have a urinary system and female reproduction system i.e. the path to your bloodstream and your urinary road are both different. 

If they do not have any relation then you can go to the washroom of Relax.

If the position of your menstrual cycle is slightly different then you can heal it with the help of Finger.

How to insert a menstrual cup

How long can the menstrual cup be worn?

Maximum time of this is 11 hours to 12 hours. But if you have too much bleeding or your period is first or second day, then you have got a recommendation to change it in an estimated 8 hours.

How to insert a menstrual cup

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