How to get pregnant

How to get pregnant:- When our period cycle is normal, it lasts for 28 to 38 days, so from the beginning of our period, an egg starts to grow bigger from the first day. We call him Follicles. (Sperms, menstrual cycle, How to get pregnant)

This egg starts to grow bigger in about 12 to 14 days in the period of the period it becomes about 20-millimeter sizeStarting there forward, the egg is released, we call it ovulation.

How to get pregnantThe egg that outstanding parts after the ovulation are little that only 120 μm is released into this egg body, our Fallopian tube tries to get it. (How to get pregnant)

And it falls on the fallopian tubes in the Empliery region. After ovulation, the egg remains alive for only 18 to 20 hours, its ability to contain the fat remains only 18 to 20 hours. At the same time, after meeting with her sperm, there are chances of pregnancy being born.

If it does not meet with Sperms in 18 to 20 hours, then the next period begins after the next 14 days. When the period is normal, it lasts for about 28 days to 30 days, then we ask for the optional days to stay together from 11 days to 20 days of the period.

After the intercourse, the sperms can make due for around 5 to 7 days in the body of the penis, and if the ovulation is there, by then the pregnancy chances are amplified.

But in this seminal analysis, it is very important for the sperm to be normal, the count of sperm should be normal, its movement should be normal, its structure should be normal and its DNA fragmentation also needs to be for a healthy pregnancy.

So, sperm analysis It is very useful and it is an important thing that matters only to conception, the presence of this tube when the fallopian tube.

If one stays with a side, which comes in the tube, and goes to the sperm from the other side, then it is not possible and then the chances of conception are very low, hence it is very important for the fallopian tube to be normal.

How to get pregnantWhat is the necessity for conception?

  • Our body should be yogic for conception, for which we also need to know the blood test, it is necessary to do it.


  • When our period cycle becomes normal, we speak hormonal testing, it is necessary to make it normal.


  • It is important to have the amount of sperm in the semen and its mobility and, most importantly, the presence of our tubes should remain well, the tubes should be open, they should not block, and simultaneously when our period cycle becomes normal, our ovulation It is also very important to grow.


First of all, it is necessary to know the exact day of pregnancy and the correct positioning time. It is necessary for a woman to get pregnant early in order to have sex in her most fertile days.

The most profitable time of each lady is that before 3 days when the female egg is discharged, and Next 3 days, the quantity of kids conceived in a similar 6 days is conceived of sex.

This is because the sperm of a man can survive for more than 3 to 6 days in the vagina of the woman, and the woman remains alive for only one day after leaving the egg.

Therefore, it is very important that when the egg of the woman comes out of the ovary, the sperm is present on it to fertilize it, then the sperm in the semen takes 12 hours to reach the egg.

In such a case, if you have sex before 1 day before the egg discharge then your sperm will reach the time to fertilize the egg and the woman will be very easily pregnant.

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How to find out the exact date of the release of a woman’s egg?

For this, first of all, the woman should know the number of days of her monthly cycle, the menstrual cycle between the two consecutive menstrual periods is the monthly cycle.

To discover the day after the development of the female egg, the quantity of ladies in the month to month cycle is diminished by 14, which is the number acquired. After the menstrual cycle, the egg comes out only after that.

For example, suppose if a woman’s menstrual cycle is 30 days then her egg will go out of the menstrual cycle (30-14) = 16th day.

Apart from this, you can also use the ovulation kit to find out the woman’s day of getting out of the egg.

For early pregnancy, play with the woman before sex. Firstly, this is what happens before the calculation, so before the sexual intercourse, the person who loves to each other is called Fourplay.

In which he kissing the woman’s lips and cheeks on the forehead of the breasts. It does this to stimulate the woman. Aside from this, the lady’s vagina ought to likewise be empowered, from which a sticky liquid rises up out of the vagina, which diminishes the causticity of the lady’s vagina.

By which a large number of sperms could reach the egg and the woman could easily conceive.

How to get pregnantTo get sex in the right position for early pregnancies?

A sexually transmitted woman is in a position in which a male’s penis can go as much as possible inside the vagina so that the sperm in the semen has to be fixed at least distances.

For this, the best position is in which the male is above the woman and lift the cross of the woman so that the vagina of the woman opens up more and more so that the gender of the male can easily go inside the vagina and the woman can easily conceive.

Conveying the women to the peak at the season of intercourse, to achieve the peak, however, it makes a draw in the vagina, whereby the semen goes easily the correct way, just as the liquid which is discharged during this period makes the sperm simple to reach the egg.

How to get pregnant

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