how to get periods in one hour
  • How to get periods in one hour:- In Period we also know the name of menstruation in the monthly edge. The problem of periodic irregularity of periods is a common problem among women. There may be several reasons for delaying periods, coming early, disappearing, or going back. Pregnancy is the first thing in pregnancy that women do not have a pregnancy and they are pregnant (Contraceptive tabletsex).


how to get periods in one hour

Monthly Cycle for how to get periods in one hour

how to get periods in one hourThe monthly cycle of a normal woman or girl is of 28 days. But it is not necessary that it can happen to anyone with 18 to 35 days of anyone.

Your body is pregnant with pregnancy and this happens every month after 14 days of the first day of the period 14 days after the ovulation occurs and if the egg does not get any sperm during this time, the egg breaks and the woman has a period of return after 14 days of her, so the period of women is overdue on the day of ovulation.

How to get periods in one hour

For this reason, women whose period is late or due to the valley, their ovulation occurs during the period of 8 to 20 days, not on the 14th day.

But if your period starts to lie further than this, then you should meet the doctor. If you speak this in a simple language, then you understand that ovulation occurs on 14 days of your period.

And during that time the egg does not get any sperm, then the egg breaks. And after 14 days there is a period again. But when the ovulation occurs on the 14th day of the period when the egg gets any sperm, then there is a pregnancy and there are no periods after that.

Everyone should know these bad Myths for how to get periods in one hour

The period is a common problem for women. Which has to go through every month. It contains bleeding from a woman’s private parts, it occurs 28 days after every month.

However, sometimes it goes back and forth 2-3 times. By the way, all women understand it only a cycle. Those who have to face them every month, but it is not considered good in some homes and families.

Many people do not allow women to enter the house these days which is absolutely wrong. You know very well that there is a lot of misconception in the people about the other women’s periods. Whereas these currents have no meaning.

This is less visible in the cities but they are very much seen in the Villages. Look, he is chanting the garland of this.

  • Do not wash hair


  • Do not water the plants


  • Do not touch the pickle


  • Stay away from sex


  • Must stay away from the kitchen


  • Should not go to the temple


  • The magic of Periods is witchcraft


  • Using tampons is dangerous

[This is the dirty thinking of all the older generation]

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What is the reason for the delay in how to get periods in one hour?

how to get periods in one hour


1) If your period has started in soon, then you do not need to panic on the delay in menstrual period. Some girls initially have irregular menstrual problems. Which gradually gets cured.

2) Due to periods of delay, weight gain also happens. Due to the increase in obesity, the hormones in the body do not work properly due to which problems like delaying or delaying occur. To avoid this, you need to keep your weight under control by using appropriate diets, exercises, and yoga to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

3) Some women diet quickly to lose their weight and leave everything else to drink, due to which their body does not get the required nutrition address. This is also called getting the decoder. The effect of not getting the necessary nutrient element also affects the mental cycle. As a result of which there is a delay of period lapse or mishap.

How to get periods in one hour

4) Being less weight than normal is also responsible for period problems. Some women’s girls have a thin thinner body. Because there is no sufficient estrogen in their body, the symptoms of irregular period begin to appear. Its solution is that by filling your weight you can remove the problem of your periods.

5) Some girls have more exercises to get a fit body. Such problems are more likely to be missed in such girls. Periods of some women are closed for the whole year, it is done by exercising more than necessary. So you exercise but in the limit.

6) Polycystic ovary syndrome is also a cause of menstrual cycles, or delaying and other periods of problems. This is a doctoral problem that women with high weight are more effective. It can also cause sugar, no kid, heart disease.

7) Thyroid disease also affects the menstrual cycle. The problem with which Menstrual Cycle Disease begins to arise. If you have a thyroid, then in the summit you should check it and treat it to cure it.

8) Often, some female players and dancer girls practice much more to enhance their performance and stamina. Whose bad effect falls on their estrogen hormone. As a result, the problem of the period misses begins. Its auspicious thing that you can take good diets and relax a few days and then normalize your periods.

How to get periods in one hour

9) Treatment of some physical diseases can last for a long time, in which many medicines are required to be consumed and in such cases the problem of periods of delay or delay is common. The solution is that once the disease is treated, the automatic period begins to become normal.

10) Periods are influenced by the sudden change in the daily routine as if some of the working women have to perform duties at night, they change their sleep, wake up and do all the work. Apart from this, the girls who are preparing for the Examination, the time of waking, suddenly change, the effect of which falls on the menstrual cycle and their periods are delayed or otherwise.

What happens if the periods after marriage are not there?

After marriage, physical and mental changes start happening as well. This results in the balance of hormones in the body of the woman and the problem of irregular periods also arise.

But there is no point in worrying about the change in hormones after the marriage is a normal thing. In this case, it is important that you keep on taking the doctor’s salute on the summit.

How to get periods in one hour

The first cause of delay or absence of a period after marriage is pregnancy. If you have a physical connection in the hall, then you should first test and confirm your pregnancy.

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Women often use Contraceptive tablet after marriage. The bad effect of excessive use of Contraceptive tablet also affects the menstrual cycle. If you are having trouble getting pregnant by eating Contraceptive tablet then you should talk to your doctor and talk.

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Breastfeeding may also be due to the delayed period. In women, there is a problem of having a menstrual cycle lying or not. During this time there is a change in the hormones in the mother’s body.

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After the feeding was stopped, the period again started to become normal. So you do not need to do anything in it.

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5 Benefits of Having Sex in how to get periods in one hour

how to get periods in one hour, Sex

  • The delicate part is more sensitive – During the period of the period, the part of the breast, vagina, penis and lower abdomen becomes more sensible. Let me tell you that this time sex is most enjoyable. The girl just wants you to have her pussy and sex. Girls’ Capability And Increases To Sex

How to get periods in one hour

  • During periods you do not need time lubricants for sex – While you have time sex of periods, you will not need any kind of lubricants. You will be told that sex is the most fun during this time. Because the flow of your gender in and out of the flow will make it come with tremendous speed. The girl will get a lot of pleasure.


  • Pain in the days of Periods is less – Tell you that in the days of Periods, women undergo a lot of pain. If Lady has sex these days, she will get relief in her periods. Because of the flow of blood from the sex, the pain reduces.

How to get periods in one hour

  • Women are more excited at this time – This is the most fun thing. You do not need to be overwhelmed to get your partner stimulated for sex during periods. Telling you the time women of Periods have the most desire to make a relationship. At such times, women are more sensible. Creating relationships for this can be a good and new experience for you.

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  • Improves each other – Men and women both in the days of Periods shy away from having sex. But this time the relationship between husband and wife becomes deeper. More love for each other emerges. It is such a time when women go through the stage of extreme pain. In such a way, loving them also strengthens your relationship.

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What other reasons can be the delay of the how to get periods in one hour?

1) Stress: Badly Stress also affects the bad effects of hormones. It starts to balance the hormone. And there is a problem of delay or delay of periods. Its solution is that you keep yourself completely free from stress.


2) The effect of traveling: The effect of traveling, eating habits, daily life and sleeping, which can delay the period. With good sleep and diet, you can make it normal again. One reason for a delayed period is smoking.

Menstruation begins to be irregular in smoking and alcohol consumption. Therefore, you should stay away from any kind of drunkenness.

After diagnosing the reason for the delay of the period, you can cure it. Even after the treatment of domestic medicines and after treatment, periods do not occur, then you should talk to the doctor.

How to get periods in one hour

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